Friday, 27 December 2013

You and I?

That smile,
That laugh, 
That tears,
I miss all of that.

Being able to see that in your face, 
Currently make me happy.

I don't really have a lot of friend.
But if I had friends, I was really afraid to lose them,
Because I know that I can't be good friend for you guys.

Yet, I want that friendship live longer.

It's kinda hard to find a true one nowadays,
I means like who will always be there for you through thick and thin.

It's  hard to find a loyal one,
The one who truly understand you,
The one who will never stabbed your back,
The one who will never leave you behind,
The one will always remind you about Allah/ Islam,
The one who knows when you're sad,
The one who can your secrets.

Sorry for a million times,
Sorry being so useless friend,
Sorry i can't make you happy as well,
Sorry if i can't bring back the smile,
Sorry if i don't understand you,
Sorry for many time.

Even if I can't meet you,
I pursue my memories, grasping tightly and I won't release it,
I want to save it in my heart, those memories.

I want to live and run to your place right now.
I can't see anything in the pitch dark and I'm so scare but it's alright.
I think?

The countless starry sky is still here now, forever.
I won't cry because the sky I saw was beautiful and I see you in there.

I guess I'm just staring at my own great shadow,
And sometimes I see you there tho, and I'm about to cry like baby.
Because I do miss you so much.

It may not change at all but my painful feelings are getting inflated.
No matter how I felt, you're no longer with me.
That's not what i want.

I don't want to lose you, I need you by my side, so please don't go.

I tried softly reciting a wish upon a shooting star,
I wish that our friendship not die and not futile.

Eventhough it hasn't even been 5 minutes since we said good bye.
I want to see you again again again and again,
I want you to hold me tight, I miss you,
I still want to have chat with you,
I want to hear your voice again,
I don't want you to leave me.

I treasure the time we aren't together so much, 
You are there whenever i close my eyes, i can become strong just because of that, 
And if we're together than surely in the future as well, we can be together in the future as well.

That day will come and I will make you happy as well.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nakama Dakara

When you’re not around, I can’t do anything.
When you’re not around, I can’t apologize.
When you are here, I’ll cling to you with a super smile.

I want to stay with you no matter what.
I want to hear your voice.
Again again and again.

Being able to see your smile is all I need.
You always gave me courage just by being by my side.
I want to be together forever.
I want to tell you these feelings.

Whether rain or shine,
You stayed by my side.

If I close my eyes I see your radiant smile.
When you’re not around I don’t know what to do
Because you are the one who can make me smile
When I'm sad.

Since you’re too kind.
I receive so much from you without being able to give back.
Obviously I thought about how you stayed by my side.

I thought that such days,
Would continue forever and ever.
I’m sorry, I’ve only just realized it now.

It’s something that’s not so obvious.
First I’ll start by telling you, “Thanks.”

I wonder has it reached your heart?
I don’t have any confidence right

I want you always and eternally
By my side
That will make me happy

I want you with me in sad and happy time
I will never ever forget these feelings.

I wish I can thanks to you
For everything you had done to me.

Even the cherry blossom trees
Look like they’ve gotten a little taller
But at such a slow speed we can’t perceive.
We’re sure you were looking at that sky.
Be apart is not the end

Because we’ll be friends even after.
If you say “I really love you”
I’ll say in return “I really, really love you!”
Make sure you didn't forget anything
We’ll always be together for eternity

[sabrina razak, zahidah, auji, liza, yana and all of you. daisuki dayo. hontou ni daisuki na!]

Let's go to Japan together!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Revert to blogskin;

Hai, kawan readers! Hari ni aku nak berkongsi tentang pengalaman aku buat blosgkin instead of using templete designer. Selama ni aku guna templete designer je sebab aku tak pernah tahu kewujudan blogskin dan tak pernah tahu apa itu blogskin. So mari aku nak bercerita sedikit sebanyak pengalaman aku buat blogskin.

Semalam buat blogskin ni seharian suntuk. tak berapa ada kesan. Memula, memang dah pening dan tertekan, terpaksa berhenti. Sebab buat blogskin ni memang ambil masa yang lama dan aku baru belajar buat benda ni dan agak lembab nak faham semua code ni dan cara-cara nak masukkan widget lah, letak header, tukar background apa semua tu. Memang semuanya benda baru bagi aku.

Using blogskin ni memang kena banyak bermain dengan code.

Tiba hari ini, aku minta tolong aujiyo dan ainun ajarkan. Auji ajar aku setiap langkah dan ianya memudahkan bagi aku untuk faham semua ini. Daripada aku peningnya kepala buat benda yang aku tak reti tanpa bertanya, baik aku bertanya. Kata orang “Tidak bertanya, sesat jalan.” Kebetulan, aku tengok auji punya blog cantik dan dia pakar dalam blogskin ni semua so aku minta tolong dia. Ainun punya blog pun cantik.

Pilihan tak banyak tau. I basically nak cari warna biru instead of any colours tapi aku banyak jumpa warna merah jambu je so I decided to take pink colour. Nampak lembut dan cantik aje bila pekenakan dengan blog aku. Header pun tak banyak actually dan aku nak sangat belajar buat header by photoshop tu tapi agak sukar untuk keadaan aku sekarang ni. InsyaAllah suatu hari nanti. Didoakan berterusan ya, kawan-kawan.

Bermain dengan code semua tu kena ada kekuatan yang kuat tau, bukan calang-calang orang je yang boleh main dengan semua tu.

Whatever happens, I finally made it. A big thanks to auji and ainun sebab sudah banyak luangkan masa ajar rin macam mana nak buat blog berdasarkan blogskin dan ianya sungguh cantik. I can’t deny how much I love it. Thanks, babygirls. I don't know how can I handle doing this blogskin alone without you. Thanks a lot.

Cc: Auji & Ainun!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Peaceful Scenery

When I look at the sky, my heart feel so great. My mind blew away as I felt that I was in my own fantasy world. I was imagined that I was flew with Aladdin on his flying carpet while singing "A Whole New World". I love living in my fantasy world. Even my dream won't come true.

As well, as I look up, I just want to rest my mind while watching the birds flying. The problem that I have throughout this year pretty tough and I just hate fighting. It's totally exhausted. I avoided myself from being in a fight, it's tiresome. Life could be cruel and I am cruella queen. Nah, that's the life that I live in. Nothing is perfect, like you expected.

Masa ni pergi Port Dickson, for an event. Aku jalan sendiri di pantai, buat hal sendiri. Masa ni nak hujan dah, dan aku mandi hujan. Nikmat. Menangis semasa hujan is another level of hurting. No one can see that I'm crying, it's hurt deep down inside of my heart. But I know, I can confess to Him as He knew me the best and what's the best for me. Thank you, Allah.

So the next day, aku pergi lagi pantai tapi kali ini aku pergi dengan siblings. We take pictures and menikmati pemandangan sementara ada masa. Sebab kami akan pulang ke Kuala Lumpur very soon. Tak tahu bila lagi boleh datang ke sini. Ciptaan Allah memang indah dan cantik belaka. I have a lot of fun there and hoping to be there again, one day.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Be yourself, dude.

I don't really understand with people who's trying so hard to be someone else 
just to fit in with others like just be yourself. 

In the end, they'll leave you behind, eventually.

If they push you then you don't deserve them. 
You deserve better than someone who's trying to push you away from their life. 
Why did you being so nice and good to others, when you're totally aware with 
those shitty people who used to take you for granted obviously?

I don't ask you to be that evil, 
I don't ask you to be that heartless,
I just want you to be yourself.

Why would you want to change yourself, just to please people around you? 
I know life is getting harder. 
Some people is getting cruel sometimes. 
But you can just be you. 

Loving yourself is more than anything. 
If you don't love yourself then who will?

People's love is different. Different from the way you did.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Magic Words! #1

I want to go back and change the past. If I could - I would,
if that would stop you from crying.

The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone. 

I wish I could rewrite my past.. but I can't. 
If I could, I'd do all I could if it would stop you from crying. 
But.. that's impossible. My past won't change. 
That's why we need to make my past pale in comparison to our present.

Human memories are too vague. 
Thinking something has color when it doesn't, 
making things more dramatic than they really are, glorifying things... 
It gives new greater meaning than was actually there. 
That's why I don't believe any of this talk about "beautiful memories" 

Let's make our past fade into comparison with the present.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sab&Jed :)

Guess what? Today is Thursday. 

Aku rasa like "wow". Cepatnya masa berlalu. Hm, ingatkan hari ni dah hari Jumaat tahu. Ya, al-maklumlah, aku dah start cuti hari selasa. Hehe. Awal betul cikgu rehatkan kami.

Kalian nak aku cerita tentang apa? Aku memang pakar bab cemni hehe.
Btw, aku nak cerita pasal dua orang kawan yang aku treasure dan saaayang sangat!

First, nama dia sama dengan aku. Nama dia Sabrina. Tapi orang panggil dia Sabrina Razak sebab susah nak beza nanti dalam kelas. She's just like my sister. Matured. Ada satu hari, aku demam tak larat punya, datang jugak sekolah sebab nanti lost. Susah lah kalau skip topik belajar. Plus, nanti dia sorang-sorang pulak sebab jed pun tak datang jugak. Kan kesian dia? Habis saja sekolah, ibu cakap pergi rumah sabrina razak dulu sebab ibu balik lambat. Aku patuh lah, malas nak tunggu sekolah sebab penat dan demam. Lemah saja satu badan ni. Then, jalan kaki sampai lah rumah dia. Dia ada offer naik basikal dengan dia tapi aku tolak. So, aku jalan kaki, dia pun nak sweet jalan kaki sekali. Cewah. Memang tak larat, Allah saja yang tahu. Tapi, aku gagahkan diri. Sampai saja di rumah dia, aku rasa nak pitam pun ada. Tapi, kena lah kuat kan. Habis solat, dia suruh rehat pulak.

Aku tanya, "Ada apa-apa yang boleh kita tolong?" 
Dia jawab, "Awak kan sakit. Tolong pergi rehat"
Aku, "Alah, tak semestinya orang sakit tak boleh tolong."
Dia, "Takpe. Awak rehat lah dulu."

Then, aku pergi ruang tamu. Tolong lah kemas sikit-sikit. Takkan orang sakit, nak kena tidur je kan? Hehe habis kemas, aku baring dekat sofa. Lelap meta. Paling terharu, dia masakkan bubur untuk aku! Ya allah! Nak menangis makan sebab terharu sangat. Dia tambah perencah kasih sayang agaknya sampai berjuraian air mata ni. Huhuhu. In conclusion, I love her for the rest of my life. Hope our friendship will never end. I love you sabrina razak and thanks sebab suka anime jugak hehe. 

Zahidah aka Jed, kawan yang aku suka cari pasal. Haha. Even aku ni "cemni", jeddah still sabar. Kadang-kadang aku bosan jugak kalau jeddah takde. Sebab dia ni kalau cakap dengan kami memang terbaik keke. Baik tapi garang. Haha. Comel. Dia memang kalau bercerita memang gempak haha. Kalau dia takde, kami meamang sunyi la. Huhu. Sometimes, dia akan merajuk. But, just for a while. How can she sulking with me haha. Pandai tapi malas haha xD Time aku nak ajar math tu haa ade la alasannya. Rasa nak luku je. Pipinya sentiasa akan dicubit haha. Sekali kena marah, pasti buat lagi. haha. Yeah aku memang nakal. Birthday dia 17/10 yeah dia adik aku. Adik yang nakal tapi comel sangat. Kalau dia senyum subhanAllah sangat cantik. Jeddah oo jeddah. Kadang-kadang keluar jugak loghat kedah dia bila cakap dengan kami haha. Banyak yang menarik dan misteri tentang jed. She's my forever kawan gaduh-manja. Saayang sangat! Tak gaduh, tak sah sehari. Hahaha. At first, aku kenal depa masa form 2 and depa yang tegur aku dulu. Well, typically. Depa cerita yang depa takut jugak nak tegur aku sebab pendiam sampai jed kata aku bercakap tak dengar suara ya Allah gue malu bangattttt deh. 

Till forever, love.

If you need me, you can tell. I'll be there for you. No matter how difficult it is, I'll always cheer you up. For me, you are my sun, my moon, my star, my besties, my sisters and I love you. You need me and I also need you. That's what a friend are for right?

Sunday, 26 May 2013


I love making friends. I'm just really bad at keeping them because I'm really bad at texting and I can't be good tho. I'm literally my own best friend. I have inside jokes with myself, and sometimes I'll start laughing out loud at how funny I am.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. Good friends offer a shoulder when you need to cry. Best friends are there with a shovel to beat up who made you cry. My best friends are crazy but who cares they make me happy and I love them for it. Friend is not about who you know has been long, but about who came and never left your life. Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to. Everyone who smiles at you is not your friend. We fight, we cry, we laugh, and know each other like the back of our hands. You're my best friend, and I wouldn't change that for anything.

A best friend isn't someone who's just always there for you.  It's someone who understands you a bit more than you understand yourself. When your friends need you, be there for them. You never know when you'll be in the same position and need them. A best friend knows you're sad. A best friend knows you're mad. A best friend knows you're crying. A best friend knows you're lying. A true friend listens to you when you need it most, not just when it's important.