Sunday 1 January 2023



Ake-ome!! あけおめ!
Happy new year, everybody!

I celebrated my new year far away from my family. I guess this is not the first time. Last time was 2 years ago when I stucked in Pekanbaru, we can't go home. But I enjoyed myself the most here. There's a lot of memories that had been created together with my gadis perantau and people here. I thankful the most. But this year, how can I explain this eh. It just the two of us, me and my friend. We celebrated just eating mie ayam and drink teh melati at es.teh cafe. I broke the rules to drink cold water, just for last night. Hahaha. There's no firework here, it was prohibited by the government because there is a potential for explosions or fires. So yeah, no fireworks. I kinda miss Malaysia, the vibes I mean. And the foods, of course. I'm Malaysian, after all. Haha.

I don't really have a proper wishes for new year, but perhaps you guys will go through this year with wonderful things. Though must be ups and downs! Good luck! May your next 365 days be filled with laughter, fun, and love. What is your resolution for this year? I don't really have one yet. I have decided to make a few. I wish the best for all of us. 

Thank you for those who take part into my life this year, I appreciated it a lot. A LOT. I had been through a lot of challenges this year, without your support I won't make it until the end. Your warmth, generosity and kindness mean a world to me.

Again, happy new year!
Have an amazing year :)♡

- Rin ♡

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  1. Ake ome, rin-chan! TQ for being such a wonderful friend these past years and still. Ly ♡