Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Friendship isn't all about who stick together with you till the end. It's all about trustworthy.

That person who called themselves bestfriend should done their best to be the best for you among the rest. Being a friend doesn't mean you should stay 24/7 with them. Make them your priorities and said properly "thanks for being my friend" is quite enough.

That person, could be your listener, great advisor, all ears, even scold you if you done bad things or sighing. They stay with you through hell and heaven. They also will get mad for a short time bc they know that both need each other.

Friend's love is great, right? Who cares how terrible your friend looks if they got a pretty and pure heart? It's good isn't it? To have a friend? To have a true friend?

I don't really understand what is "friend". I met a lot of people but none of them stay. I'm kind of pathetic isn't it? Being alone is quite lonely isn't it?

It was really great to have a friend that you can rely with and they can understand yourself more than you ever do. To have a friend, is all about sincerity and honesty.

Until then, you met someone special that once you treasured and consider them as your good friend. You trusted them, cared abt them, loved them, like they were the moon and you were the stars. Wherever they go, you will always be with them. You made promises, to always be together and you know that was all in past. Some tragedy happened. When your friends picked up each other, like betrayed each other and told you about what happen and you calmed they down but it doesn't worked out. It end up your friendship crushed and all of them acted like a stranger, to you too eventho it wasn't you that got into fighting.

Is it everything you do, the memories that had been treasure, everything is futile? It's really hard to find a true friend isn't it? Then for a long time, things get better both of them and you still the stranger not an acquaintance anymore. And you be like "what's on the earth was going on?" Looks like a stupid.

Friends. Great to have, hard to keep. Lack of trustworthy is kind of major causes. Trust each other, be more honest. That's what a friend should do.

Conclusion, to trust a person is totally hard nowadays. They stabbed you, betrayed you, talked bad behind you, hated you. But don't mind about that bc there were many people in this world. None of them are the same. Find one. Once you got that friend, who will never leave your side, grab them and dont you ever let them go.

They are that one. Love them and said;
"I love you till the end of the world"
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