Sunday 30 July 2023

Wisuda day!

Assalamualaikum, hai.

I finally going to have a convocation for my 4 1/2 years of degree! Even though I knew about it a bit last minute. 2 weeks before the convocation, I received a invitation letter from my friend. I was a bit shocked. I actually in dilemma whether to go or not but this my chance to celebrate myself after all these thick and thin to finally graduated. So, I made my decision to go!

We bought flight ticket and booking for hotel. I'm going to have gladi (rehearsal) by this 24th July and the D-day is on 26th July. So, I have two days to settle everything. Certificates and all. Alhamdulillah, settle everything the day before convocation. I went to Pekanbaru by 23th July with kakcik first. Later kakak, abang ngah, abang zainal, kak long and abang will follow because they still working. Ibu ayah can't come because they went for Hajj. I took 0740 a.m. flight. After arrived, I went to Buk Ranti's house to visit for a while. Then, we went to Hotel Aryaduta to check in.

Cut to the chase. Skip the rehearsal and next day. It's D-day! I'm going to received my ijazah today. I woke up early in the morning to prepare myself. After that, we will ask for Pak Agus helps to pick up and drop off us at uin. It was a bit traffic jammed that time, but we aren't late. The ceremony started by 8 p.m. Wisudawan and wisudawati ada saja lagi yang berkumpul di luar dewan. I fan myself using a mask. It was damn hot, I told ya. Luckily I didn't ask my family to come early. They'll arrived right after my turn. I was totally freaking out when they said that they haven't arrived yet. Everything went well. My sisters are a representative for my parents who can't come. I don't know if my parents came cause the weather was scorching hot. Though the temperature at mecca way hotter than pekanbaru. But still, the hotness lain macam ye. The temperature dengan malaysia lebih kurang je tapi bahang dia rasa lagi kuat berbanding di malaysia. Silap pulak tak bawak kipas kecik tu. Bermandi peluh lah dalam dewan. Until the end. It was so fricking hot. Lagi-lagi dalam dewan tu tak ada aircond, not even kipas. Ada pun dekat bahagian belakang, depan saja. Bahagian aku, harapan jelah nak rasa ye. Habis cracked dan cair makeup pale aku HAHAHA. I swear that I just realized how pale my makeup is.

Photographer: @moto.locco

Photographer: @moto.locco

Photographer: @moto.locco

Habis saja convocation, I went out to find my sisters and also clean up my makeup, just touch-up with liptint. Okay lah, daripada nampak pale terus. Then, we waited at masjid untuk photoshoot at 1400 WIB. Settle saja photoshoot, we went to rumah Buk Ranti dan ibuk jamu kami dengan soto ayam dan godok bagulo. Wiieee always favourite everytime datang rumah ibuk Nak dekat maghrib, kami pun gerak balik Hotel Ayola. Lepas isyak, we went out makan ampera dekat RM Pak Nordin. Walking ye. Dalam 15 minit I guess. Dia jadi 20-25 minit bila suruh Farisi jalan sendiri. Hahaha. I don't know, but for me dia punya makanan dah kurang. Tak sesedap ampera yang aku selalu makan dekat area kost dulu. Mahal pun, yelah. Sekarang rate harga MYR dengan IDR pun dah nak sama ye. Tak ada yang murah sudahhh. Habis saja makan, we walked to Riau Garden, saja nak mengambil angin malam before we fly back tomorrow. Walaupun aku macam tak sabar nak balik rumah, sometimes I'll be miss this place. Full of bittersweet moments with my dear gadis perantau, AH A classmates and them. So much that I hope someday I will write it here. So then, one day I'll read it back.

Before that, I gave my thanks especially to my parents, ibu ayah and my siblings who neverending supports me until I finally pegang gelaran S.H., Sarjana Hukum from Uin Suska Riau. Also to my gadis perantau, all of them, izzatul, kak shuzriani, fatin, amrina, imanina, asiah, ibtihaj, kak raudhah, fathonah, dan shafina. Without them, I'll never going to fit in dekat negera orang. Ibuk ranti, my ibuk lovely ibuk kost who always give supports and care for me for all these years. I'll never forget it. My classmates, through thick and thin, always have each other back especially farzana, novi, viola, rahma, raisa, nia, diana, attiqoh dan reni. People who I met from other classes. I just couldn't thankful eh. They're so precious. Also not to forget, my dear dosen-dosen yang tak pernah kenal erti penat lelah mengajar aku from a-z. If I was about to make a list, I would. Hahaha. But too much from semester 1 until 8. Al-fatihah untuk dosen-dosen yang sudah menghadap Illahi. Thanks to all yang membantu aku survive. I appreciated a lot.

Till we meet again, Pekanbaru. Thank you for 2 years and a half being together. Because 2 years more online classes in Malaysia. Hehehee.

- Sabrina


Sunday 1 January 2023



Ake-ome!! あけおめ!
Happy new year, everybody!

I celebrated my new year far away from my family. I guess this is not the first time. Last time was 2 years ago when I stucked in Pekanbaru, we can't go home. But I enjoyed myself the most here. There's a lot of memories that had been created together with my gadis perantau and people here. I thankful the most. But this year, how can I explain this eh. It just the two of us, me and my friend. We celebrated just eating mie ayam and drink teh melati at es.teh cafe. I broke the rules to drink cold water, just for last night. Hahaha. There's no firework here, it was prohibited by the government because there is a potential for explosions or fires. So yeah, no fireworks. I kinda miss Malaysia, the vibes I mean. And the foods, of course. I'm Malaysian, after all. Haha.

I don't really have a proper wishes for new year, but perhaps you guys will go through this year with wonderful things. Though must be ups and downs! Good luck! May your next 365 days be filled with laughter, fun, and love. What is your resolution for this year? I don't really have one yet. I have decided to make a few. I wish the best for all of us. 

Thank you for those who take part into my life this year, I appreciated it a lot. A LOT. I had been through a lot of challenges this year, without your support I won't make it until the end. Your warmth, generosity and kindness mean a world to me.

Again, happy new year!
Have an amazing year :)♡

- Rin ♡