Wednesday 16 October 2019

#1 Spill the T

Why don't people realise that i have grown so much and i am no longer who i was years ago? Why can't they just accept me for who i am now? They always compared me with the old me. The old version of mine is no longer alive. This is me, whether you're going to accept or not, that's not my problem anymore. I'm going to live the way i want. I am so tired of living under people's expectations. I can't be the one like you want. I'm gonna accept the way i am and make it better.

I am so proud of myself. I had been through a lot and yet, still standing straight here. Being confident and loving myself is not always gonna be easy. I always feel not-so-confident if I'm doing it right. Does people okay with it? Thinking about others first is my weakness. Until in this 20s, i learnt a lot from this life. 

Asking me to choose whether to stay friend with you or them. I rather choose myself so i got less problem. Choosing someone important is not a choice and i won't make any choice like that. This life is so fricking toxic and i need to get out from this life real quick. I almost forgot how it felt to be loved and in love.

But hey, you can't always be sad of your pathetic life right? Just make it better, change it. Sometimes it hurts to be human. But, nah, Allah made you for a good reason. If you feel stress about how your life turned or like want to give up, find someone who have can make you felt better, a person who have a different perspective than you, the one can make your life full of positivity vibes. Because you need that a lot.

Someone used to tweet like "you gotta let in the people who are ready to love you where you’re at and stop chasing after the ones who make you beg for their affection."

All you have is yourself. Get a hold of yourself. You’ll be okay soon.

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