Tuesday 3 September 2019

Magic Words #5

Be great,
Be awesome,
Be yourself.

Why you need to imitate someone else 
just to approach someone?

You deserve better, sweety.

If they weren't get into you, 
then you should stay away from them.

There are a million people around the 
world that want to friend with you.

You deserve someone who will make 
an effort to treasure you in their life.
You deserve someone that would never abandon you in their life.
You deserve to keep that smile in 
your pretty and gorgeous face.

It's not like you're always 
be the one who struggle,
And always gonna be the one
who makes an effort to 
keep a person in your life.

When all they'd done is;
pushed you away.

I'm gonna be here 
For you 🖤

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