Thursday 8 August 2019


Hello. It's August 2019 already, time surely flies fast. I couldn't catch what day is today. It's been days since I have my semester breaks. I had done nothing yet being a babysitters to my two cheeky nieces. They are so naughty that I want to bite them, aum. But sometimes, it's so nice to have them here. I could spend my time teach them a b c or 1 2 3 or alif ba ta. I can teach them to behave but believe me, they are stubborn as usual. I just wish them all the best. Loving them are never gonna be enough.

Well, hello. Back to the real topic. Today, it's the day that I finally gathered with my girlfriends since high school. Even it's not complete, but surely it made my day shine. They rather spent their times to meet each other. It's a wonderful day that I couldn't describe it. Incomplete squads but it's okay. We shared a lot of stuffs about university's life and our life now. We're grown up girls now, and there's a lot of obstacles that need overcome today and in the future. Life is not always beautiful. We need to keep be stronger from who we are today.

Girls, if you read this on my blog, I want you to keep stronger. You are going to be okay. Find someone who will be there for you through thick and thin. Go for someone who is not only proud to have you. But will also risk anything, just to keep you. Keep your chin up. Be a good girl. If you think the world is better without you, then you're totally wrong. One fine day, you'll realised how much you're needed, how much they want you in their life, how much they cared about you, how much they love you. Keep your chin up, smile. You deserve this kind of better life.♥

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