Tuesday, 6 February 2018

AYCI - Asian Youth Camp Indonesia 2018 (MALAYSIA)

Heyya guys.
It's been so long since I wrote in this blog. So here I am, again, want to share with you guys a marvellous incredible experience of me.

Okay, first of all, I never expect that I will go to this camp as I am already overage for teenager. Okay like this, the situation. I saw my ibu were texting her friend, talk about sent my sister to the camp as she's underage, available to be the participant. Then, I told ibu, "Wah, that's fun. Can I go?" I told her just for fun, no serious intention to go there. A couple days after that, she told me that she already registered my name to join the camp. I was like, "Ibu, I wasn't serious that time! I'm no longer a student, how come I can be a participant" My ibu said, "You told me before that you want to join, right?" I cried. Lol I was joking ibu, how could you did this to me.

Months later, on January 2018, my ibu told me something unbelievable. Ibu told me, "Cikgu Husna told me that you'll can't be the participant" I was absolutely felt relieved when she told me that. She continued, "But you'll go there as a teacher" I was like, "What? No way" My ibu said, "Yes, way" I'm totally dying, dude. I'm going to act like a teacher there, for whole fricking one week. So I went there with my sister.

I never been overseas without my family, parents. I couldn't go far from there, seriously.

(Day 1) Monday, January 29, 2018.

We have to go out from house at 3.00 in the morning as our flight boarding at 6.25 a.m. Arrived at school, waited for all of them. 16 students and 3 teachers including me. We arrived at KLIA around 4 o'clock, like that. It was so busy, eventho it's early morning. But, not really hectic like usual time.

I got goosebumps all over my body. But, I set my mind that I want to earn a new great experience by travelling through this camp.

The boarding pass

It's already 6 o'clock and we haven't pray yet but we have to entered the departure. So we went to the i don't know what it called, that room, so we prayed there. At the corner, we take turns.

After that, we lined up to entered the flight. Their age is around 16-17 years old. I will be there for a week and I have butterlies in my stomach. Couldn't help, just keep breathing. As we entered the flight, I found my sit. Besides the way, I sat behind my sister. There are three sits in a row. Besides, it was empty and beside the window, there's chinese, i think. She's not really friendly, but she's okay. She looked frustrated. I just let her be. It took an hour to reach the destination so chill out.

Morning, let's breakfast.

We arrived safely, after we got past customs, took our baggages around 8.45 a.m. Fyi, Indonesia's clock is late one hour from Malaysia. The volunteers from SMAN 3 Sukabumi and tour guides from airport, Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta.

How kind, they gave us this for free!
 I just thought about how can I bought a simcard to contact my family.
​11.35 morning, the bus arrived. Departed to Jakarta (Wonderful Indonesia's bus) and we were with another school from Thailand. They're just teachers from Thailand, their students used another bus.

The sit quite poky. They got blanket with.



I can't even remember how many times I've fell asleep through the journey. We were on the bus for six hours, imagined it dude. I was so tired and felt cramped all over my body. Through the traffic jam, everything. I felt like I went to Besut, like this.

It's raining, guys. So cold!

We arrived at Sukabumi by 5 p.m, like that. Arrived at Resort Pangrango Sukabumi, registered our names and took a t-shirt. After that, we can rest until dawn.

That night, after Maghrib, we have our dinner at hall. I don't take any pictures that night because I felt so tired that I can barely breathe. So after that, we were back into our room and we take a nap. Cikgu Husna, slept first and I was watching the television.

Guys, I thought it was just Peach but then I read, it was PEACH LEMON Y'ALL. I never have it combinated, it tasted different. Like serai wangi HAHAHA.

(Day 2) Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

After breakfast, we will go to SMAN 3 Sukabumi for the opening ceremony. We'll be leaving the resort to the school at 8 a.m. I'm sorry, I'm not very talented in writing so here it is.

The grand opening ceremnony occured by 8.30 a.m. We sat in front because we are teacher after all, HAHAHA. This is so exciting that I sat in front the line two. I can see them, clearly.

Cikgu Husna, Me & Cikgu Tiang in Angkot.

Hello, AYCI 2018.

After the grand opening, we will having photography session, school by school. Gapoever.

At 10 a.m, schools participant and teacher will go for exhibition around the school. SMAN 3 Sukabumi Eco-School Day. They sold a variety things. But before the teachers let their students SMAP Kajang go, they were having a little speech from Cikgu Afifi.


Participants are having so much fun until we got our lunch. The weather is quite not okay because it was raining heavily after that. It was absolutely cold because Sukabumi is at top, which is cold.

Having lunch!

After that, we headed back to resort. 2 p.m, participants will having their own activities and we, teachers, will attended meeting. Omg, I'm so not really into this... Cikgu Husna said, "If you want to stay in the room, you may." Then I said, "I want to come" Here I go, to the meeting.

In the meeting, they discussed about upcoming AYC that will be in Malaysia 2019. Furthermore, we teachers, have to introduce ourselves. I was shivering, "Should I?" Imagined that you gotta introduced yourself in front of crowded teachers.

 I did it, introduced myself in front of the teachers. And I felt so "YOKATTA!" I managed to said, "A very good afternoon to everyone. I am Sabrina, from Malaysia. Tbh, I'm not a teacher,"

Potong Tumpeng
At the end of the meeting, we're having this potong tumpeng. This is food as their tradition as they want to thank you.

Teachers headed to watched their students activities. They're invented something extraordinary by using whatever there. Teachers will voted them. They are seriously brilliant. They made homemade air-cond, who got the first place. Second place, who invented boat, even look simple yet their explaination really made me so in love with their invention. Third place, I don't know what had they invented but their confidence that made people attracted to them. There are also inventions of Hello Kitty, Pet House, and more.

After that, as usual, after Maghrib, we will headed to the main hall to have our dinner. Some games and ice breaking were there. And rest/sleep.

(Day 3) Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Time after time, after breakfast, we were ready for a trip. We will having a trip at Bandung. Enjoying The Kawah Putih Scenery (White Volcano) and Situ Patenggeng (Patenggeng Lake)

We were leaving the resort at 6 a.m, and guess what time we arrived? Around 2 p.m, guys. Haha unfortunately the weather is so not good, raining heavily, we must headed to Patenggeng Lake in  gapoever condition. Then, we arrived at Situ Patenggeng, the scenery, masyaAllah.

Okay, let's the pictures speak a thousand words.

It's raining heavily, guys. Luckily I brought my umbrella with so I can travel the Situ Patenggeng, alone. I'm cold, shivering. Seriously, my clothes got wet. It was 18'C.

Just now, someone were talked with Cikgu Husna. Then he said, "I thought she was your student" pointed me. Cikgu Husna said, "She's my friend's daughter" Then one of the teacher said, "How old is she?" And Cikgu Husna said, "20" Then cikgu from Bogor, Indonesia said "Wajahnya menipu. Nggak kelihatan seperti 20" Omg HAHAHA i took that as a compliment. Tbh, a lot of them thought me as a student and when I said, "I am student" they said "I knew it because you looks so young" LOL.

We were there until 5 p.m and we headed to Cibaduyut Market. 

I don't know what to buy then Cikgu Husna invited me for a dinner, ate maggi i think i forgot the name. And we were look over the clothes, wallets, shoes, keychains. I just bought keycahins then. At 10 p.m, we headed to resort and arrived around 12 a.m. I'm tired, after taking bath and prayed, I slept. Waiting for tomorrow activities.

Oh by the way, today 31st January was my ibu's birthday. I'm sorry I can't celebrated there with you guys but know that I love you to the moon and back, ibu!

(Day 4) Thursday, February 1 2018.

Breakfast, later then, we went for a trip at Cipanas Castle. Cipanas Castle is one of the six presidential palaces of Republic of Indonesia. It is located in Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia near a highway connecting Jakarta and Bandung through Puncak. They divided us by group, the group that we have since we arrived here. Each group will be given a tour guide to guide us around the castle.

I was truly enjoyed the view. There was one of the painting, I can't seemed to remember the painter. The painting is surely pretty unique and indescribable. Seriously. When we were at the left of the painting, the road in the painting will be at right and when we were at the right, the road will be at the left. It's pretty remarkable. In the castle of the president, it was so antique. The furniture, chandelier, carpet, dining room, all of them are so attractive and pleasing to anyone who came there.

The front view of the castle

The teachers!

Next, we were made for a trip to Taman Bunga. Firstly, we were having our lunch and it was so mouth-watering. Afterwards, for participants, there are games of teamworks and character building. The rest, can look around the Taman Bunga. From here, I got to know Hanum, I preferred call her by name eventho it looks rude. But it made me get along with her. She's 30 and a chemistry's teacher. We went to Musolla together and after that we watched the students played games. Classic yet so amusing. Girls from our school, won the first game. It sounds every members gotta hold hands and the first person will put the kain pelikat from her/his head. Then, they need to pass it to others without let go of members' hands. There are some kind of enjoyable games that I wishI could play too. Lol.


They're playing games

Hanum and I were walked around the Taman Bunga. We even entered i don't know the name, the higher tower so that people can look at the top of the town. Hanum is pretty charming and amiable. 

All at once, it’s raining cats and dogs. We make a run for it and find a shelter.

We're having so much fun and got exhausted. After that, we stopped by Brasco, it was famous yet exorbitant. There, I bought kerepek to bring it back home and some chocolates. The chocolates looked so appetizing and tasty. I just bought couple bar of chocolate because it's big-budget.

SubhanAllah, the view... I'm crying!

We arrived at the resort about 8 or 10 p.m. I can't remember. Lol because I didn't wrote the journey.

(Day 5) Friday, February 2, 2018.

Thanks Allah it's Friday, holy day. Today, we're just stayed at the resort, made some activities because it was the last day. A day to remember. A day full of colours of memories.

After breakfast, we teachers, were having an International Seminar. To be honest, I enjoyed it. Even it seemed crucial, but full of new knowledge. While students, were prepared for their presentation and discussion. They need to make a powerpoint about their school. Our school, Adam is in charge. The guy who were looked like Fahrin Ahmad, of course. Because he is his nephew after all.

From morning until afternoon, we just having fun by listened to the presentation. We even played Kahoot! handle by Thailand's teacher. Next, we will having lunch. The last lunch for the camp. 1 until 4 p.m., there were a school exhibition. The stuffs from their country or even their school exhibited by the students. While teachers still having their presentation till the end.

Before that, when the gentlemen need to go to Mosque to pray solat Jumaat. Me, Cikgu Husna, Cikgu Tiaang, Mrs. Suci and Miss Laos went for a shopping. I don't remember Miss Laos' name. She's beautiful, 30 years old and lecturer. We went for a lunch, together. Taste a variety of ulam, sedap yakmat! After that, we went to a shopping complex where we bought hijab. Pretty cool, huh? It's pretty affordable and reasonable. 

Miss Laos were also bought the hijab and she is cool and pleasing the time she wore the hijab. She's adorable, I still can see the smile on her face. She said, "I love hijab" she's charming.

As we returned to resort, we were rest just for a while until dawn. When night is come, , we need to be in the main hall as we had to have dinner and watched the students' presentation. Some of them were dancing, mostly from the school over the Asian Country.

Hello to this lovely girl!

Both of them are the only form five from our school. Goodluck for your spm, girls! All the best for both of you. May odds be in your favor!




Last performance...

Gemu Fa Mi Re

(Day 6) Saturday, February 3, 2018. 


Back to airport at 8 a.m.

Going back home by 6.45 p.m.

Arrived safely by 9.15 p.m.

If you want more, let's watch this AYCI's vlog. From youtube.

Thank you so much AYCI for such a great and memorable moments that we'd been created for one week. Till then, bye.

The end~