Saturday, 27 June 2020

Short vacay (Pulau Perhentian)

Hi, assalamualaikum. 

What's up guys? How're you feeling today? Me? Yeah, I'm pretty good here, even during pkp, everything was great. Okay, it's been months since pkp started due to coronavirus or know as covid19. Just stay safe wherever you guys are. And don't forget to wash your hands regularly and distance yourself from crowded people.

Day 1: Saturday, 20 June 2020.
Ayah planned to brought us to Pulau Perhentian, Besut as we have Aya here. So we need to show the whole Malaysia to her. It's just a waste if she didn't go to any places and see how beautiful Malaysia. So, we went out around 12 a.m., I do love late-night driving at Kuala Lumpur even of course, the city never sleep, jammed always. But who cares, I still do love Kuala Lumpur City. We arrived at Besut, morelike the jetty around 9 a.m. I think. Before that, we were stopped by the mosque and kedai makan to have our breakfast. Then, we went straight to the jetty. With the help of ayah's cousin, we can having a beautiful moments in Pulau Perhentian soon.

After that, we riding a boat to get to our chalet. It's around 30 minutes to get there. Pretty windy and not really more people there. It's just two family in the boat. Next, we went to our chalet and take a rest a little and unpacked our things before we were having fun there.

In the evening, around 4.30 p.m. after Asar, we went to across the resort to another place of the island. At the first place, I don't want to play with the ocean, but what else can I do to refuse if I AM THALASSOPHILE, I am SOOO IN LOVE WITH OCEAN. I didn't brought spare clothes with but it's okay. We went back to the chalet just wearing that clothes, because it dried though. After that, we went to restaurant, just a small place but the foods beyond supalicious. Then, went home.

End of day one. Let's move to day two.

Day 2: Sunday, 21 June 2020.
Oh before I move to day 2, I wanna say that our chalet used generator which is electrics only on during sunset until sunrise. The rest, get the hell out of the place and enjoy ourselves.

Okay, today we will going to- hm what we called huh? Pusing-pusing the whole island by boat of course. You can't swim all over the island. Obviously.

Before we started our journey.

We went one of the island for snorkelling. Then, we went to another island to watch penyu. But unluckily I was too late to record it.

Then, we went to another island for snorkelling and play with the ocean. While the kids were built a sandcastle :)<3 I'm having a lot of fun playing, talking with the ocean like it does understands me. We were having lunch after that and went straight to the chalet around 5p.m. I think. After we took a rest, we went for hiking and watch the sunset. It's beautiful but shame, I didn't bring my phone together.

So, guys. This vacation is just for 3days 2 nights. The next day we went to Kota Bharu for one night. Just pusing-pusing and recalled the past lived here. Then, we went back to Besut and having a lot of joy stopped by the ocean, yeah again and again.

Here, Pantai Bukit Keluang.

Then, we went to Kuala Terengganu. Hereafter, duh, we went home! End of my short-vacay.

Till then, toodles!

Yours truly,
Rinko ❤️️