Monday 1 August 2016

Happy national girlfriend day!

Dear honey-girls,
You probably had been through a lot of stuffs,
You probably had been hurt for several times,
You probably had been trying to be strong.

You had try great enough,
Until you felt extremely tired.

You're great,
You're awesome,

Maybe you'd been label as a skinny,
Maybe you'd been label as a fatty,
Maybe you'd been label as a white,
Maybe you'd been label as a dark,
Maybe you'd been label as a beautiful,
Maybe you'd been label as a ugly.

None of that matters,
Because we're girls,
We're totally gorgeous in our way.

Your time is totally limited,
Don't waste it living in someone's else life

Don't waste it just to fit in people,
Who don't deserve you.

Don't let the noise of other's opinion
Drown your own inner voice.

You have your own right,
You have your own decisions.

You have the courage to follow your own
Heart and your intuition.

Be great,
Be awesome.

Don't let anyone be the barricade,
From you being yourself.

Make it work, now.

You don't have to chase people anymore.
You learned that you're here, and you're important.
You're not going to run after people to prove that you matter.

Stop trying to make things better with people
Who obviously don't show any interest in you.

Do whatever you want,
People won't stop criticizing you anyway
And it's not something to worry about.

Whatever you lose,
You'll find it again.
But what you throw away,
You'll never get it back.

Don't lose hope,
You're beautiful and worth it.
You can do it even if they criticize you.

You're who you are.
Love yourself.

You don't have to be tough every minute of every day.
It's okay to let your guard down.
In fact, sometimes it's the best thing you can do.

If you need someone,
Talk to me even if it's about the littlest things.

It may seem to you, just tell me all about it.
Your words and thoughts always thrills me.

Fight for something that you think it's worth it
And left those are not behind.

They don't know your struggle,
They just kept said bad things towards you.

It's okay my love,
You're worthy, don't lose hope.

Live your life,
You don't live to please others.


Be happy for no reason, like a child.
If you're happy for a reason, you'll be in trouble.
Because that reason can be taken away from you.

Nah, this is a song that I dedicated to girls all over the world.
Chin up, girls. You're the toughest girl!

- Rin ♡ 

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  1. What a beautiful writing! Keep on make one like this!