Thursday 21 April 2016

Shortvacay to Melaka

Hey, what's up guys!

It's April now and it's felt so long since I left school. Finally, SPM is over! I am totally freedom from school, homework and school stuffs. You know what it is. But, sometimes I did missed school stuffs, like friends, homework, detention, teachers and more. Eventhough I am not that active person but slowly, I missed those moments.

Okay back to the topic. Today, sabrina razak and i went to Melaka with kakcik due to her last presentation for her last semester of diploma. And i am a proud sister, to see she became a great person. So, we accompanied her. So today, we went to several place and we also went to Pantai Klebang. 

After that, we went for dinner and went back to the hotel. Take a rest. Kakcik prepared stuffs for tomorrow. Ganbatte!

The next day, we were just explore and discover the hotel after breakfast. There's not really a lot of people during weekdays though. So it's like, the hotel is ours. Hahaha.

After kakcik settled down. We went to The Shore Sky Tower.

Then, we went straight to mosque to perform salah. Next, we went home!

That's all that i can share with you guys today. Toodles!

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