Saturday, 4 December 2021

Overnight at Malacca!!

Yahho! Rinko's here.

So basically, I don't really have anything to talk about or rant or some words. It just, I had retired from writing poem, quotes or sayings. It's a hobby but now, I don't know. Kinda busy, kinda lack of motivation haha. So dramatic, but issokayy.

Here I wanna story about my overnight with my sister and her husband and those two cheeky girls at Malacca. Ahh kind of tired to deal with those kids dramatic dramas but it's okay. I'm used to it now. Oh back to the topic, so these past two days I went to overnight at Malacca. We never thought about stayed there, but since the driver have a online course and might get tired which is, it's already late. So our dad, let us stayed for a night. Nothing much actually, I just wanna keep the memories here. Also the pictures that I took, wanna put it here.

Not much to tell but I truly enjoy the days. Even it's tiring and full of complications. But alhamdulillah, things went well and we went home after. We want to go to Pantai Klebang but there's a lot of people there and we decided not stop by, just watch from afar. That's all for today. Till then, toodles~

- Rin 

Sunday, 31 October 2021

A day out with- Noraliza!♡

I’m writing to you today to tell you how happy i am meeting someone that you haven't seen for sucha long time, feels like seeing your celebrity crush in person. I actually can't prevent myself from screaming and hugging you tightly. It just I'm afraid because of this pandemic. You might don't really want to get touch. Well, it's the happiest moment. 

We have been in each other’s lives for almost ten years now! I know you are like the back of my hand at this point. I am so lucky that we have become friends and that our friendship has grown over the years. You do not just fill my heart. You were placed there for safekeeping. I could never find another friend like you.

You are the most beautiful and coolest person I have ever known. You give and love freely, without needing anything in return. You inspire so many people and never even know it. Your heart is pure and full of so much goodness. You are selfless and kind, and I’m fortunate to be your friend. I love everything about you, friend, your perfect and imperfections, and seeing your smile makes me happy. Rest assured, however far apart we may be, my thoughts will always keep you close.

Just know that I think you are the best and that I am a better person every day because of you. I am happy beyond words to be your best friend. You make my world so much happier just by being in it. You are truly remarkable and exceptional to me, and I know wherever our paths may lead, you will forever remain. Meeting you and then see you leave again is the hardest. Wishing for seeing you again!

Another day, another treasure.

Yours truly,
Ririn ❤️️ 

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Sabrina's Tanjoubidesu :)

Yo, mina-san! Konnichiwa.

Ano ne, kyou wa watashi no shin'yuu no tanjoubidesu. Ahh shinjirarenai.
Ano hito wa 23-sai da yo na. Jikan hanante hayaku sugi runda. Hmm.

Okay, so today i made a little bit budget purezento for her. I'm off budget but I hope more less she would love the little presents. I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are. May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend. I always looking forward to this day so then I can give you extra love that you deserve.

From the moment you talked to me, I felt so grateful because you approached me the moment I felt like maybe I'll be all alone for the rest of the year since I'm not sociable. You stuck with me until now. I am so thankful for that. Being sucha best friend that I never had. I never guessed when we first met that we’d become best friends, or all the silly memories we’d make together!

Dear twinnie,
Your presence has always helped me. Whenever I was lost, you have always been there to guide me. You are my favorite friend. I have always valued you for your presence and support. You have been there for me, in my good times and bad, praising me and pulling me up when I needed to be. You’ve made all the right choices and have never let me down. Your life has been dedicated to making others happy and seeing positive changes around you.

You give me the strength to face another day in my life, knowing that you are there. You are the reason I do not feel lonely in this world. You are my best buddy, and words cannot express how important you to me. Thank you for all you have done and all that you will continue to do for me in the future. A delighted birthday to you!

Thank you so much for existing in my life. 

大好き だよ!

- Rin ♡ 

Sunday, 25 April 2021

#3 Spill The T

Move on from the past,
Isn't that easy, right?

Sometimes, you just wish that you can run away from the past
on the great escape so you wouldn't get hurt anymore.

It's not that easy,
You need more time to heal the pain
You need a great supporter.

For your happiness,
For your sake,
You gotta move on from that pain.

You need to look forward,
Look at the bright side, dear.

You need to be happy,
Make yourself happy.

If you wouldn't the who would?

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Abgcik's Big Day!

Hi, assalamualaikum. 

So today is the day! The day that finally my brother getting married. One man down :”)) abang yang dari kecik sampai besar suka gaduh, suka gusti, paling main ganas2, tapi caring dia haih takleh nak habaq lagumana. Macam tak percaya je dah selamat jadi laki orang. Bak kata ibu, misi abgcik dah settle, sekarang misi abang pulak.

I'm wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together. I know you will protect her like you’ve protected me all these years. We have countless good memories of growing up together, brother. From this day forward, may you make beautiful memories with your charming wife. May you always enjoy life side by side. I have no more words to say, just wishing for your happiness with your her. InsyaAllah, till jannah.

I don't really take a lot of pictures since I had "Annual Grand Meeting" So i don't know which one to focus. But i do take pictures with family members. It's a day to remember tho.

All in all, welcome to our big family, Kak Yani! Keep, love, hold and never let go, be proud of your man as he is of you. May you have a beautiful and successful marriage 

Your sister.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

End of the Intern Day!

Hi, assalamualaikum. 
    Today, I would like to share with you guys about my internship journey at Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Hulu Langat. So, I started my intern from 1 february until 15 march 2021. Pretty short, yeah. So, I think I should type in malay instead of english. But idk, you know- hahaha.
    First day of my intern, aku masuk kerja pukul 7.50 pagi sebab 8 pagi dah kena lapor diri. I'm nervous, bruh. Hahaha. Yelah, I never had any experience bekerja. I wish this one worth it. So sampai-sampai tu, penolong pendaftar ajak taaruf dengan internship students yang lain. So we entered her room. Penolong pendaftar namanya, Puan Sri Kauthar. She's a nice person. There are other 7 internship students from a various university. They are like, only have another days before finished their intern. I'm that kind of not really know how to approach or communicate with others, especially guys. I can't even look at their face when we're talking. Damn, that's rude. But, I slowly learnt how to.
    So basically we're having morning prayer before we started working. Eh, why am I speaking? Gosh. Okey, jadi sebelum kami mula bekerja, ketua pejabat selalunya bagi tazkirah dan beberapa info yang baru dapat untuk dikongsikan bersama. So this ketua pejabat named, Tuan Che Abdullah or known as Tuan Che Lah. He's a good hakim/ judge. Then, on first day, they asked me to attend the court case at Dewan 3 di mana dewan tu di bawah Tuan Faiz. Pagi tu ada kebanyakkan nya kes wali hakim. Oh before that, pagi tu aku dengar dan buat sedikit discussion Tuan Faiz dengan Puan Seri about a lot of things.
  • Jamak mengikut qaul dibolehkan selagi dia berniat dia bermusafir.
    Tetapi ada yang berpendapat jamak selama 3/7 hari.
  • Aurat kita dengan ibu dan ayah susuan sama seperti aurat kita dengan ibu dan ayah kandung. Tetapi, apabila ibu dan ayah susuan bercerai lalu masing-masing kahwin lain. Adakah boleh anak susuan berkahwin dengan mereka? Jawapannya, tidak boleh kerana ianya haram mu'abad iaitu haram selama-lamanya.
  • Keistimewaan Surah Al-Mulk.
Perkongsian yang cukup mantap dari hakim.
    Oh ye, waktu ni masih pkp jadinya kami bekerja gilir-gilir dan aku termasuk dalam kumpulan 1. Seterusnya, aku cerita secara keseluruhan jelah. Kalau cerita setiap hari buat apa, baik aku lampirkan report aku je hahaha. Okay. Jadinya, aku belajar how to buat minit daripada fail-fail kes. Ada format dia tersendiri dan minit ni kena buat setiap fail kes supaya mudah untuk tengok balik. Nak buat minit pun ada peraturan dia sendiri. Tak boleh guna liquid, kalau salah garis je. Untuk pen merah, surat keluar. Pen hitam, surat masuk.
    Mahkamah rendah syariah ada dua kes; jenayah dan mal. Kes jenayah contohnya kes khalwat, poligami tanpa kebenaran, menjual, membeli dan meminum minuman keras. Manakala mal ni (NCR) iaitu nikah, cerai dan rujuk. Kes SULH pun ada. Di mana kes sulh ni untuk pasangan yang nak bahas tentang hak masing-masing. Sulh ni merupakan majlis perbicangan yang melibatkan dua belah pihak dalam satu pertikaian melibatkan satu atau lebih tuntutan di mahkamah syariah.
    Di MRSHL, dewan mahkamah ada tiga dewan. Setiap dewan ada kod dia sendiri. Seperti, dewan 1 (005), dewan 2 (026) dan dewan 3 (027). Di selangor dah ada kes fast track di mana kes fast track ni untuk pasangan yang nak bercerai. Haritu dia daftar kes, haritu jugak di bercerai. Fast track ni dia ada masa dia jugak, sebelum pukul 10 pagi. Atas daripada tu, tak ada negotiation. Tapi fast track ni dia ada syarat-syarat dia dan syarat tu dah tertera dalam borang tu. Kena cakna.
    Banyak jugak kes yang aku dengar dan tengok sendiri. Mostly, kes cerai lah. Tak boleh disangkal lagi. Lepas je habis perbicaraan mahkamah, fail-fail kes tadi tu perlu buat tindakan. Contohnya, ada kes yang kena buat waran tangkat (WT) ataupun surat tampalan.
    Selain itu juga, aku ambil tugas menjaga kaunter. Tugas di kaunter ni kena handle borang untuk daftar kes baru, isi kulit fail kes dan jugak bagi perintah kepada klien. Everyday, every minutes. There's always a new case. Lepas je check borang-borang tu sama ada lengkap atau tidak, baru proceed ke bayaran. Dah buat pembayaran, pihak kewangan akan keluarkan tarikh sekali dengan dewan mana yang akan berlaku perbicaraan tu. Pendaftaran ditutup pukul 3 petang. Bacaan affidavit/wakalah pulak dibuat oleh penolong pendaftar. PP di MRSHL ada dua, Puan Sri Kauthar dan Puan Norliana.
    Untuk prosedur pendaftaran kes, klien kena;
  1. Layari laman web, lepas tu boleh muat turun borang yang dikehendaki di situ. Setiap kes dia ada kod dia tersendiri.
    Contoh: daftar nikah (010), nafkah iddah (021), mohon cerai (055)
  2. Untuk datang daftar kes, kena buat temujanji terlebih dahulu. Selalunya klien tak buat temujanji dan terus datang. Itu akan buat kaunter penuh dan tak adil bagi yang buat temujanji. Jadi, kami mintak supaya klien buat temujanji dahulu di laman web yang sama.
    Aku jugak ambil alih tugas angkat panggilan telefon. I think most of works there are jaga kaunter dan angkat panggilan telefon. Kadang-kadang masuk jugak court dengar perbicaraan. So aku dapat merasa semua jenis kerja sepanjang intern kat situ. Okay back to the topic. Selalunya yang call ni, dia nak tanya kes dia bila atau kes dia berjalan macam biasa tak. Jadi, untuk buat pengesahan, kena mintak no kes/no ic dia. Seterusnya, check lah dalam sistem. Then, tell them when or which dewan nanti.
    I also did another work such as, masukkan fail-fail kes yang dah selesai ke dalam kotak di dalam bilik fail kes. Mengikut tahun, kod dewan. Kotak tu ada dah tertera kes nombor berapa ke berapa. Just masukkan mengikut susunan yang betul supaya nanti memudahkan cari fail kes tu semula. 
    Besides, aku tolong settlekan statistics kes. Statistic tu ada dalam esyariah dan tengok berapa banyak kes setiap kod kes and then masukkan data tu dalam kertas statistik. Habis tu, kira berapa jumlah.
    There's a lot of things that I learnt from them. Also, a lot of memories that I treasured from there. They are way more knowledgeable from me. But that doesn't let me down. Hence, it gave me a new reason to learn a lot of new law knowledge. I love law to be honest. Even I'm not that good enough. I actually don't really know about syariah law in malaysia because I just learned indonesia's syariah law. But it's okay, from now own, I can learn about it. Ilmu ada di mana-mana, kita je yang kena usaha dengan lebih keras. 
     Jadi aku lampirkan sedikit gambar. Aku tak ambil banyak gambar, so yeah haha.

This is one of my colleagues, named Diana.

    Ni masa pergi lunch, she's from group 2. Since I always have my lunch alone because I usually brought bento. So this day, she invited me to have a lunch with her. So heart-warming haha. Ada lagi sorang namanya Zuhroh tapi I don't have any pictures with her. 

    They made an early farewell party for us internship students. Including who already done. So they gave us this cute pretty gift. Terima kasih!

    End of my intern day! Yatta! Alhamdulillah for everything. They taught me a lot of things here. They're very nice and kind. I couldn't thankful enough for them, even I made cucur bilis dan sambal for them. I still felt that it's not good enough. But thanks a lot to all staffs in Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Hulu Langat. You guys are the best among the rest. 

    But still, even so, I am still a shy-cat. Hahaha.

- Sabrina ♡