Saturday 18 April 2020

Quarantine Time!

Hi, assalamualaikum. 

So for the new entry, guess I have a good and expensive experience that not everyone could experience it. Well, as you guess aware about the coronavirus or well-known as covid-19, most of the country in the world have lockdown. Their people lock themselves in their home so they won't be contaminate by the virus. This virus is so dangerous and could kill one's live. It easily spread, imagine you're just in panic buying and without your consent, you had been contaminated because you are just panic to take this to take that, and the virus was in there. Scary, isn't it? Yeah, life could be this terrifying. Stay safe everyone wherever you are.

I am studying abroad, neighbourhood country, Indonesia. We were about to start a new semester, but due to this situation, we need to take a break from the life. I mean movement control order, we need to control it. Even at my place, pekanbaru, there's still no cases of the coronavirus but still, we need to be extra-careful. We can't expect things, can we? I was just entered the class for one time for just one class and then boom- no more classes. Damn, I miss to be in class. These online classes were troublesome and not in a good term, I told ya. But yeah- we manage to make it okay even a little more makalah, damn this online classes.

One day, one of our malaysian students were admitted to do a coronavirus checkup because they seemed to have those symptoms. Since then, there are fake rumours about ours students were positive for coronavirus. Dang it, the result wasn't out yet you guys spread those shitty rumours. Go get a life. I don't know who the hell spread those, but know that's the big sin for doing that. And duh- the name that you create also wrong and still want to put the blame on us? Like seriously dude. Have a life. Everytime malaysian student were out for shopping and else, they will like- banned us from buying anything from their shop? Huh. It's not a legal source anyway. But, it's okay then. Alhamdulillah a few days later, we got a negative coronavirus for the result. And those rumours were stop. Up till now, we don't know the culprit who spread those rumours. Okay done.

When Malaysia went to Movement Control Order (MCO), we were worried because some of the students had bought ticket for raya. And the flight had been cancelled and also the international gates also had been close. So we were stuck here and hope it won't be until raya because we- I want to celebrate eid with my dear family.

Hence, Ahli Majlis Tertinggi (AMT) make an inisiative to bring us home. So they were arrange everything, documents, kkm, pdrm and all who involved with. 31/3 we were announced that we will go home on 2/4. This is totally an emergency exit. Hahaha okay.

Then, until 2/4 came...let's start the day!

Terima kasih buk ranti sayang sebab sudi hantar gadis2 ibuk ni. 
Harap ini bukan kali terakhir ya buk kita ketemu.

Having supper sponsored by persatuan!

This is the place/hotel where we stay for a night before we went back to Johor the next day. It's kinda luxurious, thanks to persatuan for handle our accommodation. So, for the night, I stayed with kakak izzatul and we did some assignment's video, basically more to izza's video and i just shot her video. 

Then, welcome to the next day!

Okay now, we are on our way to Johor's ferry terminal. Ah, before that, on our way to batam's ferry terminal it's raining heavily in the morning. Samui desu! It's a long line to enter the waiting area because we student around- ah i can't remember.

After we arrived, there's kkm staffs who were waiting there. Ah, gotta wait for sucha long time to exit the ferry because we need to do something like- you know, the temperature, registered ourselves so then we will go for quarantine for fricking 14 days. It's okay, just for our safety. In order that, I who from selangor will be quarantine at UIAM Pagoh with other students. So yeah let's start!

Along the way, for fricking 2 hours, they didn't on the bus air-cond because yeah we were from sucha long way so that we need to be more patient haha. Ah even i literally just can't stand the hotness. Then, after we arrived, we need to wait until our name being called by the frontliners. Ah, just imagined my name was around 2/3 last. Hahahaha. Dang it.

Alhamdulillah, it's maghrib and we finally got to rest our exhausted body. So this is it! 03.03.2020, that's the date. A day to remember!

Here's my quarantined place for 14 days. So, our dorm has 4 rooms and we divided to 4 people in it. So my room, there's only me myself and i. They also provided us some basic needs like shampoo, body shampoo, toothbrush with toothpaste, comb, towel. (As you can see on the pictures)

So tonight, what we'll gonna eat because my stomach had been playing the rock kapak song and i don't really like it. HAHAHAHA. But sadly i didn't take a picture because yeah i was SO HUNGRY.

Next day, we will do the swab test thingy. I don't really aware how it is felt until I was there. The doctor was so calm and make me okay, i didn't know how i felt. Hahaha but after i came up, my head felt dizzy so i slept for a couple hours.

04.04.2020, Saturday.


It's bored actually. I always end up watching anime, do bujo and art. 
And also the start of online classes.


Then, next day and they next day. I just have to deal with it. Online classes. It's rather fun actually. Thanks Allah i have my laptop with me so i can marathon dc's movie hahaha and anime.

So here's my foods and drinks during quarantined!

05.04.2020, Sunday




06.04.2020, Monday



07.04.2020, Tuesday



08.04.2020, Wednesday.
Asada yo! 朝だよ!

I just shot for breakfast!

I didn't take a picture for a while due to a lot of assignments!

12.04.2020, Sunday

Here's dinner!

13.04.2020, Monday

14.04.2020, Tuesday
Let's start back!



15.04.2020, Wednesday

16.04.2020, Thursday

So, basically today we will be announce with our result. If we got it negative, we can go back home tomorrow! Alhamdulillah, I got positive! Now, i can finally meet my dearest family.

17.04.2020, Friday
Now's the day! We will going home! Ah gonna miss it!
So this is the last video! cc: asiah

My last breakfast! :"((

Our bus finally here!


Thank you for everything to frontliners who attend us, at UIAM Pagoh. We were very thankful for everything you had done and you guys are the best! You guys had taking  a good care of us since the day we arrived here. Sorry if we asked too much and being sucha burden. Yet you guys still doing the best. Hontou ni arigatou! We will never these days. It's wonderful!

- Rin ♡

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