Tuesday, 19 June 2018

My girlfriend, Lilith!

Halu, hai.

Today, I would like to tell you sucha incredible story of mine. That's unexpected meeting on 16th June 2018. I can't even believe in myself that I finally gotta meet my wonderful girlfriend. So here's the story. We've been friends for 7 years (i think?) and knew each other from Facebook, like wow. I could tell she's a extraordinary friend of mine. She's Noraliza who lived in Skudai, Johor. 

To make a short story, this year hari raya, we went back to Johor Bharu, well of course to visit saudara-mara who lived in Johor Bharu. Satu family pergi balik kampung. We went there just two days because my brother has to be back to his university the day after today. So struggle apa semua sebab we just have one day more nak melawat sedara mara kan. Rancang nak jumpa my girlfriend but then dia cakap haritu dia nak balik kampung which is dekat Pontian and I'm afraid I couldn't make it. Because yeah, banyak lagi rumah nak pergi melawat after years tak balik Johor, kan? So, I just tell her maybe next time. Tak ada rezeki nak jumpa agaknya. At first, I felt so down. Yelah, once in a lifetime, I just want to meet her in a real life. Selama ini cuma mesej dekat whatsapp and so on. I can't feel it she was real or not, sorry for that bad negative thoughts. Because I am just like that. But then, on our way to Kulai, kami lalu Skudai tu kan, and ayah suruh mesej kawan if dia still at home or dah gerak balik Pontian. So, I message her and she said that she's still at home. My heart screamed out loud. Ayah kata bagi location rumah, and we'll headed there. Like, s e r i o u s l y? So she gave me her location, even sesat sikit, and pusing2 ayah ingat balik jalan nak pergi rumah kawan ni familiar and then kami akhirnya ketemuuuu. Alhamdulillah!:) 

Now, I know that you're real person, Noraliza, when we have our first meeting. I thought that we wouldn't met for real... lol? I was totally speechless when our eyes met each other. I just can't believe my eyes for landing on yours. Like, is this for real, seriously? When I first met you like seriously right in front of my eyes, my heart shouted. Am I in heaven right now? Because I met an angelic rapunzel. She shine bright like a diamond in the sky, babe. I can't believe that I finally got to meet you, holding your hand. I’d rather spend one moment holding you than a lifetime knowing I never could. Have your warmth hug. The power of your smile should never be underestimated. It melts my heart and touches my soul. Your smile is intoxicating. It lingers, it captivates my heart. I wanna be the reason behind your smile because surely you are the reason behind mine. Talking to you, it was sucha miracle that I finally could talk face to face with you.

I'm sorry that I'd been so clingy around you but what else can I do then? You're totally unbelievable marvellous cramazing girl. Thank you for treat my family so good and nice. It's so so great to meet you. I can't be thankful enough to Him for giving us a chance to meet each other for real. May Allah always showers you and your family with His blessings. I hope for a forever friendship and we will always gonna be together through ups and down.

Meet my beautiful angel 💖

Thank you for your neverending love that you gave it to me. You may not be perfect, you are flawed like all humans. But you are perfect to me and that's all that matters. No words can ever describe how I'm feeling right now. I hope it can reach you, even it just trivial things. Hee.
Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you I want to smile.

Yours truly,
Ririn ❤️️ 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Ninja Turtle!

The real ninja turtle we ever had.

Remember our first trip to Grand Lexis, Port Dickson?
We all swam together in there with you,
You looked so happy there,
Until you tried to buried yourself,
Suddenly you were missing,
And we were like crazy asked;

"Where's ninja?"

We were searching for you everywhere,
At the swimming pool,
In the resort,
Under the bed,
In the bathroom,
But you weren't there,
But we never ever give up searched for you.

We kept searched all over again,
And finally we found you,
Tried to buried yourself,
Why the hell are you trying, ninja?
We were burst into laughter.

That's a moment that we won't ever forget.

Remember when we went back to hometown?
I don't remember because of what,
But we did together.

Remember when I took you out for a walk,
You're struggling to get out from your place,
And that thing wasn't close enough,
You saw the light,
You want to go out.

Honestly, I'm a bit scared of you.

You're the fastest ninja we ever had,
You're the strongest ninja we ever had,
You're the cutest-ugly ninja we ever had,
You're the arrogant ninja we ever had,
You're the most agile ninja we ever had.

Your name; Ninja.
Ibu named you,
Pretty cool,
Suited you.

You're cool, you knew that?

Among the three ninjas,
You're the one who survived.

07/06/2018, you left the world.
On this holiest month,
You left us.

You don't know how mean you are to us,
Everyday we always talk to you like;
"Hi nin, have you eat?"
"Nin, why aren't you eat?"

I still miss to talk to you about;
My story,
My problems,

Eventhough you didn't talk to me back,
I felt so relieved when you're with me.

I missed you already, Ninja.

Rest in peace,
Wait for us there, okay?

The picture that... rest in peace, ninja.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Chin up, it's a brand new day!

People got their own past,
Either it was good or bad.

Oh yes, the past can hurt.
But you can either run from it,
Or learn from it.

Some people choose to run,
Some people choose to learn from it,
It's up to oneself.

Even it hurt you like there's no tomorrow,
You can run away far from it,
But you should know that past won't change,
That's why you should learn from it,
And that's make you a real human being.

You had experienced it,
And you know how you want to deal with it.

It might struck you lightning,
But your past won't change.

Let past remained and start to move on.
Chin up, it's a brand new day!

Look down at the green by your feet.
Look up the blue above your head.
So what's the reason not to smile today? :)

- Rin ♡ 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Friendship isn't all about who stick together with you till the end. It's all about trustworthy.

That person who called themselves bestfriend should done their best to be the best for you among the rest. Being a friend doesn't mean you should stay 24/7 with them. Make them your priorities and said properly "thanks for being my friend" is quite enough.

That person, could be your listener, great advisor, all ears, even scold you if you done bad things or sighing. They stay with you through hell and heaven. They also will get mad for a short time bc they know that both need each other.

Friend's love is great, right? Who cares how terrible your friend looks if they got a pretty and pure heart? It's good isn't it? To have a friend? To have a true friend?

I don't really understand what is "friend". I met a lot of people but none of them stay. I'm kind of pathetic isn't it? Being alone is quite lonely isn't it?

It was really great to have a friend that you can rely with and they can understand yourself more than you ever do. To have a friend, is all about sincerity and honesty.

Until then, you met someone special that once you treasured and consider them as your good friend. You trusted them, cared abt them, loved them, like they were the moon and you were the stars. Wherever they go, you will always be with them. You made promises, to always be together and you know that was all in past. Some tragedy happened. When your friends picked up each other, like betrayed each other and told you about what happen and you calmed they down but it doesn't worked out. It end up your friendship crushed and all of them acted like a stranger, to you too eventho it wasn't you that got into fighting.

Is it everything you do, the memories that had been treasure, everything is futile? It's really hard to find a true friend isn't it? Then for a long time, things get better both of them and you still the stranger not an acquaintance anymore. And you be like "what's on the earth was going on?" Looks like a stupid.

Friends. Great to have, hard to keep. Lack of trustworthy is kind of major causes. Trust each other, be more honest. That's what a friend should do.

Conclusion, to trust a person is totally hard nowadays. They stabbed you, betrayed you, talked bad behind you, hated you. But don't mind about that bc there were many people in this world. None of them are the same. Find one. Once you got that friend, who will never leave your side, grab them and dont you ever let them go.

They are that one. Love them and said;
"I love you till the end of the world"
K ON!! Yui Hirasawa . Ritsu Tainaka . Tsumugi Kotobuki . Azusa ...

Monday, 30 April 2018

Melaka Trip! #gegirlsonvacay


Okay guys. Sekarang aku nak story-mory tentang shortvacy aku with this two gegirls and my sisters. I can't believe we made it this far, I'm so happy spending times with them.

Kami dah rancang lama nak buat shortvacay, about last year I think. 16 October 2017, we started a group. A group where we can discussed about that shortvacay. Pretty difficult sebab nak cari hotel yang murah, activities lagi. Lagi-lagi dekat bandar, memang price dia agak expensive for students like us. Jadi, kami bincang dulu tarikh, tempat yang hendak dituju. Then, we hold on until next year sebab masing-masing sibuk dengan studies and final exam lagi. So hold sampai 2018. 

We started it back on March 2018. Kami mula bincang tempat nak pergi. 

Kami cadang:
  1. Melaka
  2. Penang
Banyak kali kami set date untuk pergi, misalnya:
  1. 2-3 April 2018
  2. 8-10 April 2018
  3. 13-15 April 2018
  4. 15-17 April 2018
Banyak sangat halangan. Last-last, kami set date on 21-23 April 2018. Yes, weekend and the price of the hotel quite expensive. Sebab ada banyak halangan on weekdays so kami terpaksa pilih on weekdays. Lastly, we made it. Sudah sahaja set date, aku dengan kakcik ditugaskan untuk mencari hotel untuk kami menginap untuk 3 hari 2 malam. Sabrina Razak dan 'Aqilah ditugaskan untuk buat tentatif dan mencari tempat makan. We've been working this put like hell. We're totally worn out.

Nak cerita tentang hotel. Hotel memang perkara yang paling susah nak cari. Sebab full. Lagi-lagi tengah bandar, ramai tourists yang menginap kat situ. Sebab dekat bandar mudah nak jalan-jalan. Kebanyakkan hotel serius dah penuh, kami dah mati akal nak cari hotel mana. Ayah pun mati akal. Haha, dengan ayah sekali tak tenang duduk sebab fikir nak cari hotel untuk anak-anak dia. Terima kasih banyak-banyak ayah sayang!

Cari punya lah cari hotel, akhirnya kami putuskan untuk hotel dekat dengan Mahkota Parade dan Dataran Pahlawan iaitu... Hatten Hotel, Melaka.

Ini adalah tentatifnya,

(Day 1) Sabtu, 21 April 2018.

Kami bergerak keluar dari rumah dalam pukul 11 pagi and reached Sabrina Razak's house about 12 p.m. Sudah sahaja ambil Sabrina Razak, we picked up 'Aqilah dekat bus stop berdekatan rumah Sabrina Razak. About 2 hours jugak nak sampai Melaka. Sampai dekat Seremban tu, hujan mula rintik-rintik. As you guys saw in our itinerary, we planned to go to pantai on that day. Sampai Melaka, hujan mula lebat. We were worried hell if the rain won't stop, we have to cancelled it all for today. It's our fault, too. Guys, if you want to have a vacation, please check the weather there! That's our mistake. Never think about to check the weather.

Pukul 2.45 p.m, we arrived hotel. Kakcik and I went to check-in hotel first. Then, we parked and we get in the room. Aw, that's so worth it, babe. 

Solat, rehat.

This is the view up from our room. Nice, right?

4 p.m, kami bertolak dari hotel. Hujan masih lebat masa ni. So, we went to Tesco first, bought KFC first untuk alas perut masing-masing yang mendendangkan lagu rock kapak 50-an. Hujan lebat sangat, ya Allah. Kami risau sangat, sebab tak ada backup plan pun sebab tak jangka hujan. So, nak tak nak, kami pergi saja ke pantai. Sampai saja kat pantai, hujan rintik-rintik. Masa nak patah balik, hujan mula nak berhenti so we made up our mind. We went to Pasir Cantik yang berdekatan dengan Pantai Klebang. Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 6 petang. As the car parked, kami jalan kaki pergi ke Pasir Cantik.

Jenuh mak. Jauh yakmat. Kami berjalan dalam 15 minit nak sampai ke Pasir Cantik. Never thought it could be that far, semput nak.

SubhanAllah. Cantik kan awan?

Kami sudah nak sampai dalam 5 minit lagi dari sini. And we saw a gang of indians tengah record lagu dia. No doubt, langit pun cantik, kawasan pun kosong, so worth lah nak buat recording kat sini.


Kami singgah tak lama pun sebab we're running out of time. Sebab time ni dah nak pukul 7 so kena cepat-cepat balik lah.

This is the view our on the way back home.

Tepat pukul 7, kami sampai di kereta. Penat sebab jalan kaki nak ke sana. Rasa tersangatlah jauh.

After Maghrib, kami singgah di satu kedai makan. It's not really crowded or what, I forgot the name of the stall. But worth it lah. Not too expensive tapi biasa lah tempat makan biasa tak ada lah nak wow sangat. I ate nasi padprik and dia punya padprik tu not so bad lah and really mouth-watering. I don't know how to describe it but really, pak cik tu pun baik je. Layan kami elok je.

Seterusnya, kami balik hotel semula as we all got tired kan. What an exhausted day but really, we have a lot of fun when we were together. I love this kind of feelings.

After mandi bersihkan diri, solat, kami bertiga sat in a circle. We faced to faced. We started a pillow-talk with Sabrina Razak, 'Aqilah and me. We talked a lot of stuffs, crazy stuffs.

(Day 2) Ahad, 22 April 2018.

We expected it will rain because we searched for the weather for today it will rain as well but it was so panas lit lit. Gosh, luckily I brought my cap. As we finished our breakfast, we walked through the Dataran Pahlawan so we can get to A Famosa easily from where we are.

We arrived at Kota A Famosa around 10 o'clock.

After that, we went to Istana Kesultanan Melayu. The fee is RM3 per person.

Selesai sahaja jalan-jalan dalam jam 11 pagi, kami ke tempat yang lain. Kami menuju ke suatu tempat yang dinamakan Melaka River Cruise. 

Then, we went to Upside Down House Gallery Melaka. We have so much fun. Pekerja kat situ volunteer nak ambil gambar kami and she directed us to do some weird style haha so I can't post the pictures here. Haha sebab macam-macam gaya extra weird that we had been done there.

Only this one.

Setelah berpenat lelah kami berjalan, kami pun singgah ke kedai makan. Asam Pedas Lagenda. Siap depa duk rekod kami suruh bagi review. Tapi serius, sedap! Memang cadangkan kalau kalian mahu ke Melaka. Tak rugi pun kalau mencuba. 

Habis makan, kami pergi hantar adik perempuan saya ke stesen bas sebab dia perlu sekolah esoknya. Jadi, tak dapat nak join sampai ke akhirnya. Hehe. Selepas itu, kami balik hotel. Untuk solat dan rehat-rehat kejap sebelum kami ke masjid iaitu Masjid Terapung Selat Melaka. Kami luangkan masa di situ, dan solat. Menikmati suasana malam yang dingin dan cukup selesa.

Then, cadangannya nak pergi main. Ferris wheel, haunted house semua tu. Tapi disebabkan malam tu hujan, jadi tidak boleh lah main. Jadi kami ke suatu tempat tu tak ingat nama tempat tu. Kami naik macam monorail tu, pusing-pusing lah sekitar Sungai Melaka. Tak ada orang langsung, hanya kami berempat saja. Mungkin tempat tu belum popular lagi. Tapi serius seronok. Rasa nak tidur dalam tu pun ada sebab sejuk dan gelap. Hehehe.

Then, we went back to the hotel. Yay! Malam itu, kami buat aktiviti memakai mask. Wuhuu!

(Day 3) Isnin, 23 April 2018.

In the morning, we have our delicious breakfast.

Disebabkan hari Isnin tiada aktiviti luar, jadi kami menjelajah hotel. Jeng jeng jeng!

Kami check-out pukul 12 dan pergi beli coconut shake yang popular tu. (Sorry, tak ada idea dah nak mengarang hehehe)

Kami pun singgah di Masjid Al-Azim untuk solat Zuhur. Habis solat Zuhur, kami pun pulang ke rumah masing-masing.

Ok terima kasih semua  💕