Friday 8 November 2019

#2 Spill the T

I've met this one kind of person who like to downgrade others because he/she felt so better than others. Like duh?

Dang it. Why need to downgrade others? You can't expect people to be brilliant, gifted and  start to downgrade them. They have their own excel in life. I mean u can't expect people to be as brilliant as you wish. People have their own IQ level. And yeah i know you are that brilliant but no need to downgrade others. 

It's not fair if hg lebihkan orang yang bijak and then yang kurang bijak ni hg pi downgrade kan. What's the point? You just make others feel less motivate. Gah-gahkan kepandaian hg and make fun of others. It's not funny at all. Words are like swords, you can't take it back. Once you had stabbed a person, you can't save them just like you want. Menegur dengan cara menyindir? You're going to hurt others.

Learn to have a manners first, and they'll respect you. Manners maketh man, dude. The hardest job nowadays is learning a good manners. Yeah, a lot of people are educated but not manners. I hope manners is the next trend so people can have a good manners. Good manners are just a way of showing others that we happened to respect each other.

That's all that i can say and i wish people will have a good manners so we can create a good society. Because life nowadays, yeah you tell me. 

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