Friday, 8 November 2019

#2 Spill the T

I've met this one kind of person who like to downgrade others because he/she felt so better than others. Like duh?

Dang it. Why need to downgrade others? You can't expect people to be brilliant, gifted and  start to downgrade them. They have their own excel in life. I mean u can't expect people to be as brilliant as you wish. People have their own IQ level. And yeah i know you are that brilliant but no need to downgrade others. 

It's not fair if hg lebihkan orang yang bijak and then yang kurang bijak ni hg pi downgrade kan. What's the point? You just make others feel less motivate. Gah-gahkan kepandaian hg and make fun of others. It's not funny at all. Words are like swords, you can't take it back. Once you had stabbed a person, you can't save them just like you want. Menegur dengan cara menyindir? You're going to hurt others.

Learn to have a manners first, and they'll respect you. Manners maketh man, dude. The hardest job nowadays is learning a good manners. Yeah, a lot of people are educated but not manners. I hope manners is the next trend so people can have a good manners. Good manners are just a way of showing others that we happened to respect each other.

That's all that i can say and i wish people will have a good manners so we can create a good society. Because life nowadays, yeah you tell me. 

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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

#1 Spill the T

Why don't people realise that i have grown so much and i am no longer who i was years ago? Why can't they just accept me for who i am now? They always compared me with the old me. The old version of mine is no longer alive. This is me, whether you're going to accept or not, that's not my problem anymore. I'm going to live the way i want. I am so tired of living under people's expectations. I can't be the one like you want. I'm gonna accept the way i am and make it better.

I am so proud of myself. I had been through a lot and yet, still standing straight here. Being confident and loving myself is not always gonna be easy. I always feel not-so-confident if I'm doing it right. Does people okay with it? Thinking about others first is my weakness. Until in this 20s, i learnt a lot from this life. 

Asking me to choose whether to stay friend with you or them. I rather choose myself so i got less problem. Choosing someone important is not a choice and i won't make any choice like that. This life is so fricking toxic and i need to get out from this life real quick. I almost forgot how it felt to be loved and in love.

But hey, you can't always be sad of your pathetic life right? Just make it better, change it. Sometimes it hurts to be human. But, nah, Allah made you for a good reason. If you feel stress about how your life turned or like want to give up, find someone who have can make you felt better, a person who have a different perspective than you, the one can make your life full of positivity vibes. Because you need that a lot.

Someone used to tweet like "you gotta let in the people who are ready to love you where you’re at and stop chasing after the ones who make you beg for their affection."

All you have is yourself. Get a hold of yourself. You’ll be okay soon.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Magic Words #5

Be great,
Be awesome,
Be yourself.

Why you need to imitate someone else 
just to approach someone?

You deserve better, sweety.

If they weren't get into you, 
then you should stay away from them.

There are a million people around the 
world that want to friend with you.

You deserve someone who will make 
an effort to treasure you in their life.
You deserve someone that would never abandon you in their life.
You deserve to keep that smile in 
your pretty and gorgeous face.

It's not like you're always 
be the one who struggle,
And always gonna be the one
who makes an effort to 
keep a person in your life.

When all they'd done is;
pushed you away.

I'm gonna be here 
For you 🖤

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Thursday, 8 August 2019


Hello. It's August 2019 already, time surely flies fast. I couldn't catch what day is today. It's been days since I have my semester breaks. I had done nothing yet being a babysitters to my two cheeky nieces. They are so naughty that I want to bite them, aum. But sometimes, it's so nice to have them here. I could spend my time teach them a b c or 1 2 3 or alif ba ta. I can teach them to behave but believe me, they are stubborn as usual. I just wish them all the best. Loving them are never gonna be enough.

Well, hello. Back to the real topic. Today, it's the day that I finally gathered with my girlfriends since high school. Even it's not complete, but surely it made my day shine. They rather spent their times to meet each other. It's a wonderful day that I couldn't describe it. Incomplete squads but it's okay. We shared a lot of stuffs about university's life and our life now. We're grown up girls now, and there's a lot of obstacles that need overcome today and in the future. Life is not always beautiful. We need to keep be stronger from who we are today.

Girls, if you read this on my blog, I want you to keep stronger. You are going to be okay. Find someone who will be there for you through thick and thin. Go for someone who is not only proud to have you. But will also risk anything, just to keep you. Keep your chin up. Be a good girl. If you think the world is better without you, then you're totally wrong. One fine day, you'll realised how much you're needed, how much they want you in their life, how much they cared about you, how much they love you. Keep your chin up, smile. You deserve this kind of better life.♥

Thursday, 13 June 2019

A Day To Treasure~

So today, my sabrina and i made a plan to meet each other. Since we haven't seen for months. We got a lot of things to share with. We always made a last minute meeting because we know that a long plan, it wouldn't went well at last. Believe me, we tried. I'm so happy because we finally spent our precious time just to have each other closer. I'm always a bad one to start a reaction or conversation. She's hugged me so tightly when she met me that day. I could feel her warmth hug, I could burst into tears. I missed her, woot- shoot I said it. I'm not good at expressing my real feelings or thoughts. I always going to mess up the joyness. I hope she didn't mind though.

I brought this little cheeky bum-bum with, Aaira, because she want to come with me. I'm okay with that as long as she behave. So we met at MetroPoint, our usual hangout place since highschool. As we arrived at MetroPoint, we went to Chicken Rice Shop. Then, kami pusing satu mall even we are not really familiar with that anymore. Last time I went there was form five I think.

After that, dah nak masuk azan Zuhur, kami ke surau and stay there for an hour sebab Aaira tidur. Nak mendukung dia satu hal pulak sebab berat yakmat. So I let her sleep then dalam pukul 2, we went to Mykori. Kami jalan kaki ke sana. Aaira of course dia nak mendukung, mamai kan. It's not really far, just 10 minutes macamtu. Kami singgah rasa dessert dekat Mykori tu. Not bad lah kalau nak mengidam ke apa kan. Quite mouth-watering.

Habis je makan, we went to MRT Kajang, to head back to our home. 

Yeah, we have a lot of fun for whole fricking exhausted day. But worth it, as long she's with me. It's fun. Thanks you for your time. I appreciate it a lot, I won't forget how precious you are.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Ibuk Ranti's Birthday Party!

Hi, assalamualaikum.

Hari ni aku nak share pengalaman manis menyambut hari ulang tahun ibuk ranti kesayangan kami. Jadi, hari jadi ibuk jatuh pada hari khamis bersamaan 3 mei 2019. Tapi kami sambut awal sikit since haritu kami free. Malam tu kami berkumpul bincang nak buat macam mana untuk sambut birthday ibuk. Kami just cakap dekat ibuk esok kita picnic. Ibuk pun okayyy. First of all, kami kutip duit dulu 30k setiap orang. 30k = RM9 macam tu lah. 30k x 11 = 330k. So itu budget kami.

Then, kami bahagikan tugas masing-masing untuk esok.

  • Setup tempat - asiah, rin, izza, tihaj, tonah
  • Masak - fina, kak uda, sya, iman
  • Beli barang - atin, kak ani
Okey, selesai je bahagi tugas. Kami hanya menunggu esok untuk surprisekan ibuk ranti. Tema warna pulak kami pilih blackpink. Baju hitam, tudung pink. Settle. Kami tak bagitahu pun ibuk tema ni.

Around pukul 10 pagi kami dah siap-siap. Time ni ibuk masih tak curiga apa-apa. Team beli barang dah pun gerak cari barang-barang untuk setup tempat nanti. Kek semua tu. Majlis tu kami sambut lepas zuhur. Sekarang ni just setup dulu. Debaqqq nohhh. First time nak prank ibuk ni setelah setahun bersama teheee. Oh ye, kami sambut birthday ibuk ni dekat unri, universiti riau. Sebabnya unri ni luas. Masa nak cari tempat tu hm sesat jugak lah sebab tak biasa dengan unri ni hahaha. Plus ramai orang.  Kami dah siap dah setup tempat, belon helium je tak sampai lagi. Dah cuak dah sebab ibuk dah gerak dari rumah. Kami ada orang dalam supaya bagitahu ibuk dekat mana sebelum kami siap semuanya haa. Iman gigih lambatkan ibuk, hahaha. Daebak!

Ni adalah setup tempat kami

Pastuuuu, ta-da! Surprise! Happy birthday, ibuk ranti!~ Terima kasih ibuk untuk segalanya. Sudi layan kerenah kami yang macam-macam perangai. Jasa ibuk tetap kami kenang! Masakan ibuk tetap kami rindu. Kami sayang ibuk ranti ❤️

Habis! Selesai sudah. Dan prank kami menjadi, thanks to all for your great efforts gadis perantau!

- Rin

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Magic Words #4

Move on from the past
Isn't that easy, right?

Sometimes, you just wish that you can run away from the past on the great escape so you wouldn't get hurt anymore.

It's not that easy,
You need more time to heal the pain,
You need a great supporter.

For your happiness,
For your sake,
You gotta move on from that pain.

You need to look forward,
Look at the bright side, dear.

You need to be happy,
Make yourself happy.

If you wouldn't the who would?

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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Magic Words #3

It's cruel when you gave people hopes
and none of them are truly happens and real,

Or else you promise something to someone,
But it just words that you said.

Don't promise people the things that you can't keep 
Or else you'll end up hurting them.

Words are like a bullet,
Once you pull the trigger it will shoot that person,
There's no way you can take back from the people you shot.

If you use them the wrong way, they can turn into ugly weapons.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Magic words #2

You can never tell what'll happen next in life.
But so long as you have faith in your feet,
the road you walk will be a part of you.

I don’t have to be perfect.
I don’t have to meet everyone’s expectations.
There are people who accept me as I am.
I don’t care what people think of me anymore.
I’m gonna live my life the way I want to. I don't care if nobody likes me.
I wasn't created in this world to entertain everyone.
I don't live this life just to please people.
Stop being pathetic. We need to stop living for others.
You’re not live your life to please others.
Don't let the noise of other's opinion,
drown your own inner voice.

People come into your life and people leave it.
You just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you. Never compare yourself or others to other people.
Everyone has their own struggles, own fights,
and a different path that they chose to get where they are.
Keep fighting!

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life,
but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Gadis Perantau's Trip

Hi, assalamualaikum. It's been so long since the last time I'd updated my blog's post. Since it's semester break, I decided to write something. Even I don't have any idea what to write about. Hm, alright then. Let me just tell you what had happened yesterday. Sucha great and memorable day.

Cuti semester, kami tak balik Malaysia for certain reasons. Oleh sebab kami terlalu bosan asyik makan, minum, layan movie, melepak bilik kawan, membawang (haha?) dan mereput menambahkan berat berkilo-kilo. Jadi, kami bercadang pagi tu nak ke Pasar Pagi yang berdekatan dengan pustaka. Kami pergi ke sana dengan motor, seramai 7 orang yang ikut sama. Pusing-pusing bandar sampai lah pasar pagi tu. Bukan buat apa sangat, cuma tengok-tengok, makan. Ambil angin pagi, gituww. Tak lama pun, lepastu tiba-tiba ada cadangan, nak jalan-jalan. Sebab takkan nak duduk dalam bilik sampai mula semester baru, kan? Okay, cadangannya nak ke Kampar. Saje, jalan-jalan. I onzz jurr.

Then, we went back home. Ajak semua, satu rumah (11 orang) pergi sekali. Sebab kalau kurang orang rasa tak seronok dan incomplete squad. Jadi, semua okay dan kami gerak dalam pukul 12. Siap barang, siap diri semua ha. Then, kami gerak ke Sungai Pinang, Kampar, secara konvoi. Dalam setengah jam jugak nak sampai ke destinasi yang dituju woww gituuuw.

Sampai saja Sungai Pinang tu, bayar parking. Satu motor, kalau berdua dalam Rp 25k = RM7.28 kalau seorang saja dalam Rp 15k = RM4.37. Selesai bayar, jadi kami masuk dan parking motor masing-masing. Panas cen cen weh, rasa terbakar satu badan. Hahaha. Singgah solat meta dekat surau. Surau dia gabung laki perempuan, hm biasalar kalau disini. Selesai saja solat, kami pusing-pusing lah ambil gambar.

We spent our time there almost 2 hours, maybe?
Di sana jugak ada mascot like Elsa, Spongebob and etc. 

Last but not least, after that, we went to RM Ampera, tepi-tepi jalan saja. Tapi, luar dari tempat wisata tu lah. Baru kami cari makan di luar, untuk mengisi perut yang sudah mendendangkan lagu rock kapak yang berkurun lamanya. Hahaha hambar.

Dalam perjalanan nak balik rumah, ingat nak ke Transmart. Tapi tak sampai setengah jalan, hujan lebat membasahi bumi Pekanbaru. Dalam keadaan kami yang basah kuyup, kesejukkan, kedinginan dan menggigil, jadi kami membatalkan niat ingin ke Transmart. Sampai saja rumah, Buk Ranti sudah menunggu di hadapan seperti ibuk-ibuk yang ingin membebel kepada anak-anaknya yang pergi melala tak pulang-pulang sedang hari lagi hujan hahaha. Ibuk kata, "Tengok fatin yang menayangkan giginya, langsung tak jadi marah. Ketawa pulak ibuk" Hahaha. Jadi, kami pun bercerita lah perjalanan kami sepanjang hari melala ke Kampar. 

We had a lot of fun together. There are things I don't want to forget. Memories of time spent with friends. Memories are important. But there's something even more important. That's to continue making memories.

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” 
― Lucy Maud Montgomery, The Story Girl

The end of the short memorable story. Thanks for reading.