Thursday 13 June 2019

A Day To Treasure~

So today, my sabrina and i made a plan to meet each other. Since we haven't seen for months. We got a lot of things to share with. We always made a last minute meeting because we know that a long plan, it wouldn't went well at last. Believe me, we tried. I'm so happy because we finally spent our precious time just to have each other closer. I'm always a bad one to start a reaction or conversation. She's hugged me so tightly when she met me that day. I could feel her warmth hug, I could burst into tears. I missed her, woot- shoot I said it. I'm not good at expressing my real feelings or thoughts. I always going to mess up the joyness. I hope she didn't mind though.

I brought this little cheeky bum-bum with, Aaira, because she want to come with me. I'm okay with that as long as she behave. So we met at MetroPoint, our usual hangout place since highschool. As we arrived at MetroPoint, we went to Chicken Rice Shop. Then, kami pusing satu mall even we are not really familiar with that anymore. Last time I went there was form five I think.

After that, dah nak masuk azan Zuhur, kami ke surau and stay there for an hour sebab Aaira tidur. Nak mendukung dia satu hal pulak sebab berat yakmat. So I let her sleep then dalam pukul 2, we went to Mykori. Kami jalan kaki ke sana. Aaira of course dia nak mendukung, mamai kan. It's not really far, just 10 minutes macamtu. Kami singgah rasa dessert dekat Mykori tu. Not bad lah kalau nak mengidam ke apa kan. Quite mouth-watering.

Habis je makan, we went to MRT Kajang, to head back to our home. 

Yeah, we have a lot of fun for whole fricking exhausted day. But worth it, as long she's with me. It's fun. Thanks you for your time. I appreciate it a lot, I won't forget how precious you are.

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