Sunday 5 January 2020


you hate me for the things that you yourself feeling unsure,
you keep yourself from me because of jealousy,
you broke us because of that childish side of yours,

what the hell was this all about?
now you're telling we're not meant to be?
like what's going on with us?

we're having good time and then
you create those shitty reason just to keep away from me?

i just don't get it,
cause once you're apologizing
then you made the same mistake.

just keep those fake words to yourself,
cause we are no longer- 
stinks duh.

then stop asking
why i stopped caring about you
yeah, 2020
no more toxic people.

i don’t need that kind of person get into my circle. 
you can’t fit in there. cause you're not worthy at all.

i don't care if i got less friends as long as they're not toxic.
toxic people is not fun at all.

even you once find me but then you still push me away, 
that’s mean we’re over.

for-ever duh.

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