Saturday 9 June 2018

The Ninja Turtle!

The real ninja turtle we ever had.

Remember our first trip to Grand Lexis, Port Dickson?
We all swam together in there with you,
You looked so happy there,
Until you tried to buried yourself,
Suddenly you were missing,
And we were like crazy asked;

"Where's ninja?"

We were searching for you everywhere,
At the swimming pool,
In the resort,
Under the bed,
In the bathroom,
But you weren't there,
But we never ever give up searched for you.

We kept searched all over again,
And finally we found you,
Tried to buried yourself,
Why the hell are you trying, ninja?
We were burst into laughter.

That's a moment that we won't ever forget.

Remember when we went back to hometown?
I don't remember because of what,
But we did together.

Remember when I took you out for a walk,
You're struggling to get out from your place,
And that thing wasn't close enough,
You saw the light,
You want to go out.

Honestly, I'm a bit scared of you.

You're the fastest ninja we ever had,
You're the strongest ninja we ever had,
You're the cutest-ugly ninja we ever had,
You're the arrogant ninja we ever had,
You're the most agile ninja we ever had.

Your name; Ninja.
Ibu named you,
Pretty cool,
Suited you.

You're cool, you knew that?

Among the three ninjas,
You're the one who survived.

07/06/2018, you left the world.
On this holiest month,
You left us.

You don't know how mean you are to us,
Everyday we always talk to you like;
"Hi nin, have you eat?"
"Nin, why aren't you eat?"

I still miss to talk to you about;
My story,
My problems,

Eventhough you didn't talk to me back,
I felt so relieved when you're with me.

I missed you already, Ninja.

Rest in peace,
Wait for us there, okay?

The picture that... rest in peace, ninja.

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