Sunday 31 October 2021

A day out with- Noraliza!♡

I’m writing to you today to tell you how happy i am meeting someone that you haven't seen for sucha long time, feels like seeing your celebrity crush in person. I actually can't prevent myself from screaming and hugging you tightly. It just I'm afraid because of this pandemic. You might don't really want to get touch. Well, it's the happiest moment. 

We have been in each other’s lives for almost ten years now! I know you are like the back of my hand at this point. I am so lucky that we have become friends and that our friendship has grown over the years. You do not just fill my heart. You were placed there for safekeeping. I could never find another friend like you.

You are the most beautiful and coolest person I have ever known. You give and love freely, without needing anything in return. You inspire so many people and never even know it. Your heart is pure and full of so much goodness. You are selfless and kind, and I’m fortunate to be your friend. I love everything about you, friend, your perfect and imperfections, and seeing your smile makes me happy. Rest assured, however far apart we may be, my thoughts will always keep you close.

Just know that I think you are the best and that I am a better person every day because of you. I am happy beyond words to be your best friend. You make my world so much happier just by being in it. You are truly remarkable and exceptional to me, and I know wherever our paths may lead, you will forever remain. Meeting you and then see you leave again is the hardest. Wishing for seeing you again!

Another day, another treasure.

Yours truly,
Ririn ❤️️ 

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