Sunday 7 February 2016

Dear haters;

So this is the beginning of it all.
The beginning of all those dramas,
The dramas that happened surround,
Mostly people will facing the same thing,
But they don't make it public,
Because maybe possibly they can handle it,
When me myself?
I'm not seeking for attentions,
I'm not being crazy,
I'm just tired of this shitty life,
Full of shitty people.
I don't care about those little rumors,
I don't even give a shit about them,
I don't care about those haters.
But if you kept spreading rumors,
About me then you're looking for the 
Wrong person to fight with.
If you hate my masterpieces,
Then step and stay away from here.
All what i was saying just a shitty things,
That you need to criticising me,
My grammar also as bad as a dummy,
Who didn't learn much about english,
Keep criticising and don't correcting me.
I'm so sick of people like this,
I'm done with all these bullshits.
If you hate me,
Then go.
I don't live to please you,
I don't live every single seconds 
Just to argue with you about
How ugly and bad my thingy is.
So, better you watch and mirror yourself
Before you spit those dirty words to me,
Don't do the same things to others,
Like you did to me you cowardo.
I don't have times to do this,
I don't have the seconds to watch
Your hating things in my profile.
I live my life,
I don't have to please you,
I'm too busy for people like you.
Dear haters.

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