Saturday 23 November 2013

Peaceful Scenery

When I look at the sky, my heart feel so great. My mind blew away as I felt that I was in my own fantasy world. I was imagined that I was flew with Aladdin on his flying carpet while singing "A Whole New World". I love living in my fantasy world. Even my dream won't come true.

As well, as I look up, I just want to rest my mind while watching the birds flying. The problem that I have throughout this year pretty tough and I just hate fighting. It's totally exhausted. I avoided myself from being in a fight, it's tiresome. Life could be cruel and I am cruella queen. Nah, that's the life that I live in. Nothing is perfect, like you expected.

Masa ni pergi Port Dickson, for an event. Aku jalan sendiri di pantai, buat hal sendiri. Masa ni nak hujan dah, dan aku mandi hujan. Nikmat. Menangis semasa hujan is another level of hurting. No one can see that I'm crying, it's hurt deep down inside of my heart. But I know, I can confess to Him as He knew me the best and what's the best for me. Thank you, Allah.

So the next day, aku pergi lagi pantai tapi kali ini aku pergi dengan siblings. We take pictures and menikmati pemandangan sementara ada masa. Sebab kami akan pulang ke Kuala Lumpur very soon. Tak tahu bila lagi boleh datang ke sini. Ciptaan Allah memang indah dan cantik belaka. I have a lot of fun there and hoping to be there again, one day.

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