Tuesday 12 November 2013

Be yourself, dude.

I don't really understand with people who's trying so hard to be someone else 
just to fit in with others like just be yourself. 

In the end, they'll leave you behind, eventually.

If they push you then you don't deserve them. 
You deserve better than someone who's trying to push you away from their life. 
Why did you being so nice and good to others, when you're totally aware with 
those shitty people who used to take you for granted obviously?

I don't ask you to be that evil, 
I don't ask you to be that heartless,
I just want you to be yourself.

Why would you want to change yourself, just to please people around you? 
I know life is getting harder. 
Some people is getting cruel sometimes. 
But you can just be you. 

Loving yourself is more than anything. 
If you don't love yourself then who will?

People's love is different. Different from the way you did.

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