Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nakama Dakara

When you’re not around, I can’t do anything.
When you’re not around, I can’t apologize.
When you are here, I’ll cling to you with a super smile.

I want to stay with you no matter what.
I want to hear your voice.
Again again and again.

Being able to see your smile is all I need.
You always gave me courage just by being by my side.
I want to be together forever.
I want to tell you these feelings.

Whether rain or shine,
You stayed by my side.

If I close my eyes I see your radiant smile.
When you’re not around I don’t know what to do
Because you are the one who can make me smile
When I'm sad.

Since you’re too kind.
I receive so much from you without being able to give back.
Obviously I thought about how you stayed by my side.

I thought that such days,
Would continue forever and ever.
I’m sorry, I’ve only just realized it now.

It’s something that’s not so obvious.
First I’ll start by telling you, “Thanks.”

I wonder has it reached your heart?
I don’t have any confidence right

I want you always and eternally
By my side
That will make me happy

I want you with me in sad and happy time
I will never ever forget these feelings.

I wish I can thanks to you
For everything you had done to me.

Even the cherry blossom trees
Look like they’ve gotten a little taller
But at such a slow speed we can’t perceive.
We’re sure you were looking at that sky.
Be apart is not the end

Because we’ll be friends even after.
If you say “I really love you”
I’ll say in return “I really, really love you!”
Make sure you didn't forget anything
We’ll always be together for eternity

[sabrina razak, zahidah, auji, liza, yana and all of you. daisuki dayo. hontou ni daisuki na!]

Let's go to Japan together!

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