Tuesday 27 October 2015

See you again

I go to school to meet you,
I get up early for you.

Did you change me?
Have I definitely come to like you?

Graduation is beginning, there are many backs,
I quickly find your back first and i want to look at you,
The smell of blooming flowers that comes and disappears.

On the day when I didn’t see your back once,
It was definitely boring all day long.

The classroom, 
The hallway,
The laboratory,
The stairs,
The edge that you returned to of the hill,
If you realized that I was looking for you.

Because it was the last time I would meet you,
Please give me one piece of you.

The second I was able to hear your name,
“Don’t go” the outside of my chest began to hurt,
Because I like you,
I want you to stay.

If my eyes met yours with some feeling, 
My ears became hot.

It wasn’t only that, I became tensed
A tiny happiness, I quietly stayed away from you
The words I began to say blocked my throat.

I will meet you again soon,
I felt your cheerful words quite well for some reason
An endless thought still overflows in me but
I also laughed fully and nodded

You’ve come with company
Your blunt “do your best”
Your figure fades a little
You stained one part of my life
Even if I want to say it
Even if I can’t say it
I like you too much


久々 に あの 橋 から 夕日 を 見たい な まだ あの 花 わ 咲いている かな? あの 空 に かかる 虹 も また 見える かな? 一つ ずつ 思い出す 私 の 場所

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