Wednesday 17 June 2015

High school besties!

Sometimes in life, you'll find a special friend who will changes your life just by being part of it. The one who can makes you laugh until you can't stop. I found someone in my life. Someone who I thought with their presence is nothing. But that nothing turned out to be something precious. Right pals, this year was totally an upside downs for me of losing people in my life. I don't really questioned myself why would they left. I've done my best but still, not everyone will like me. Hahaha. I don't please with those hypocrites people so better let them go cause why not? Letting toxic environment just make you sick of it. The least friends that I have quite worth it.

It was totally amazing year to have them in my life. Even though we just met this year but the memories we created together are splendid! Sabrina razak, I've known her since 2012. Damia 2014 and nadhira, on 2015 they're new gals. I was so anti-budak baru that time, and I'm sorry for that. Them, being close with them are another level that could make my senior year amazing. I totally wanna let the world knows how amazing they are that I finally wrote about them. I thought my high school life could be such a boring life because I was a damn introvert. It was amazing. That I would be friend with them all over again. Wishing next 10 years, we still be friends. I love you guys so fricking much.

Good luck babygirls on our SPM next year. Hoping we can reach our dream!

this is from mia and it so beautiful handwriting.

Thank you for this year babygirls. Looking forward another year together! 
Good luck and all the best. Let's do our best for our final fight.

- Rin ♡ 

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