Thursday 5 October 2017

Trust is like glass

"Why wouldn't you trust me? You told me that you gave me second chance and we can be bestfriend like we used to be before"

"Life is hideous sometimes. It is too easy for a person to forgive each other but to trust that person again is beyond my ability because trustworthy ain't for play dude. We can still be friend, but doesn't mean I trust you like I did before. Once you break my trustworthy, I'll never let you let myself down anymore. I might be someone, you swear you don't want to know. Mark my words."

I've learned that trust is like glass, it will cracked.
Once broken, no matter how you put it back together, 
You can still see the cracks

Life don't always goes like you please. 
People don't always act like they are. 
Sometimes, you felt like you know someone doesn't mean you really know that person. 
People sometimes are complicated, hypocrite and fake. 

You can't trust people so easily because 
It will end up you are the one who will be the heart broken.

Life is worth living. 
Don't let yourself ruined by someone. 
You deserve something more great. 
You reap what you sow.

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