Wednesday 12 December 2012

To the person...

To the person who used to be my friend,

I know that we're not good anymore.
We're not talking like 24/7 per day,
We're not even laughed to the crazy things we shared the most,
We're not talking about the same interest anymore,
We're not doing like do some romantic sentences and gave to each other,
We're not drawing something sweets,
We're not talking through the phone,
We're not chatting until dawn,
We're not change our favourite songs or latest songs anymore,

So let me say this that;
We're not having fun anymore.

Yes, I know that.

We're not good,
We're not good,
We're not good.

It's hurt to know that, totally devastated and annihilated to know that we're been this far far far far from each other. We're not having a great and good conversation at all anymore. You're with another person and you're having fun with them more than you're with me. You know how much I miss you? How much I miss us of having well-spent time together like we're not even bother to what happened.

But then, everything had changed. Everything doesn't feel the same anymore. Why? Could you please explain to me why? I know you couldn't because you're not even bother about it any more longer. We're different now. We're totally different from person we used to be.

We're don't have same interest anymore, that's why it gotten boring day by day when we talked to each other. We don't have any interesting topic to be chat to. We're hiding beneath the mask and we're not even shared anything anymore. We're torturing ourselves telling that we can be good friend again but the truth is we're not. I am the only one who make an effort to find a subject to chat with but you?
You're not the person that I used to know.

I felt so annoyed, offended, resentful. All I want is you. I kept telling myself that; we could be better one day. And in the end, we are getting apart, separately. We didn't get along anymore.

Are we still friend, dude? Aren't we? Or not?

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