Saturday 27 September 2014

Complicated feelings

I'm not quite sure where to begin or where to start
All i really know is that this is from bottom of my heart.

This may sound confusing or actually I am the one,
Who confuse with my own feelings,
But i write this just for you guys who are really precious for me.

I wanto get out from this stress and find the real me,
I just lost myself and still don't know how to find me.

Why can't i be happier?
Yet i have thoughts that always haunt me 
And memories that don't go away.

I think of my life, and that my problems aren't so bad,
But for some unknown reason i still feel kind of sad.

It's tough being a girl eh no being a teen, 
Sometimes it's just a scare.

I wish i had some answers for this stupid thoughts. 
Life isn't always fair.

Sometimes i'm just really lost and don't know what to do,
I wonder where to go and who i can talk to.

No one really knows which thoughts i choose to share,
But even if i told them probably they wouldn't even care.
Sometimes i wanto say, "thanks for all that you've done,"
But the words fly from my head as quickly as they come.

I don't know how to talk to you, to tell you how i feel,
Now and then it's so complex. life sometimes is surreal.

You may not always see me when i stumble, trip and fall,
When tears are in my eyes and there's no one to call,
I was just let it go by myself and buried it down deep,
You may not hear me when i cry in bed at night,
Hoping that my worries will somehow be put right.

You may not always love me isn't it? when we just don't get along
I may screw up when i just won't admit that i was wrong
I'm sharing with you because i know that you really care
The friend you are to me is special, precious and rare.

Sometimes i might act joyful to camouflage my fears
But down deep inside, i wanto burst right into tears.
All i need sometimes when my heart just wants to break
Is your smile and a hug. that's what i can't fake.

I need you, my friend, to take my hand and try
To help me mend my broken heart and be there when i cry.
I want you to be w me and walk with me on this scare road :p
To step along beside me and help me with this heavy load.

I want you to feel free, i hope i don't ask too much
Just be there when i need you, and offer me your shoulders
Some people are ashamed to cry, but i am not afraid
For crying is the way that i let out all my pain
And i know tho that you were there for me.

A friend walks in when all others walk out.
You knocked on the door when i was full of doubt.
You are an angel. 

You’ve helped me do what's right,
When i had no eyes, you saved me,
You were my sight.

You helped me through, without you, where would i be?
A blessing and a treasure is what you are to me.

You are great person with good advice to lend,
I just want you to know that you are a wonderful friend.

You've let me be who i am and tell you how i feel
The best thing ever finding a friend just like you

Who listens and talks to me, you make my day tho.

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